Assessment of RELAP5/MOD2 Against a Turbine Trip From 100% Power in the Vandellos II Nuclear Power Plant (NUREG/IA-0108,ICSP–V2–R100–R)

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Publication Information

Date Published: June 1993

Prepared by:
C. Llopis/A. N. V.
J. Perez, R. Mendizabal/C. S. N.

Asociacion Nuclear Vandellos (A. N. V.)
Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (C. S. N.)
Madrid, Spain

Prepared as part of:
The Agreement on Research Participation and Technical Exchange
under the International Thermal-Hydraulic Code Assessment
and Application Program (ICAP)

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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An assessment of RELAP5/MOD2 cycle 36.04 against a turbine trip from 100% power in Vandellós II NPP (Spain) is presented. The work is inscribed in the framework of the spanish contribution to ICAP Project.

The model used in the simulation consists of a single loop, a steam generator and a steam line up to the steam header all of them enlarged on a scale of 3:1; and full-scaled reactor vessel and pressurizer.

The results of the calculations have been in reasonable agreement with plant measurements. An additional study has been performed, to check the ability of a model in which all the plant components are full-scaled to reproduce the transient. A second study has been performed using the Homogeneous Equilibrium Model in the pressurizer, trying to elucidate the influence of the velocity slip in the primary depressurization rate.

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