Assessment of RELAP5/MOD2, Cycle 36-04 Using LOFT [Loss of Fluid Test] Large Break Experiment L2-5 (NUREG/IA-0032)

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Publication Information

Date Published: April 1990

Prepared by:
Young Seok Bang, Sang Yong Lee, Hho-Jung Kim

Nuclear Safety Center
Korea Advanced Energy Research Institute

Prepared as part of:
The Agreement on Research Participation and Technical Exchange
under the International Thermal-Hydraulic Code Assessment
and Application Program (ICAP)

Published by:
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555

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The LOFT L2-5 LBLOCA Experiment was simulated using the RELAP5/MOD2 Cycle 36.04 code to assess its capability to predict the phenomena in LBLOCA. One base case calculation and three cases of different nodalizations were carried out. The effect of different nodalization was studied in the area of the downcomer and core. For a sensitivity study, another calculation was executed using an updated version of RELAP5/MOD2 Cycle 36.04.

A Split downcomer with one crossflow junction and two core channels were found to be effective in describing the ECC bypass and hot channel behavior. And the updated version was found to be effective in overcoming the code deficiency in the interfacial friction and reflood quenching.

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