RELAP/MOD2 Calculations of OECD-LOFT Test LP-SB-03 (NUREG/IA-0013)

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Publication Information

Date Published: January 1990

Prepared by:
C. Harwood, G. Brown

Central Electricity Generating Board
Barnwood, Gloucester
United Kingdom

Prepared as part of:
The Agreement on Research Participation and Technical Exchange
under the International Thermal-Hydraulic Code Assessment
and Application Program (ICAP)

Published by:
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555

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This report compares the results of the RELAP5/MOD2 analysis with experimental measurements.

A simulation of test LP-SB-03 was previously carried out at GDCD using the RELAP5/MOD1 code. RELAP5/MOD2 was developed from RELAP5/MOD1 and contains more sophisticated hydraulic models and constitutive relationships. Comparison of the RELAP5/MOD2 and MODI calculations show that RELAP5/MOD2 performs better than RELAP5/MOD1 in a number of key areas; notably mass errors are much reduced, there is improved numerical stability, and improved separator modelling and modelling of accumulator injection.

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