Assessment of TRAC-PD2 Using SUPER CANNON and HDR Experimental Data (NUREG/IA-0001)

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Date Published: August 1986

Prepared by:
U. Neumann

Kraftwerk Union
Hammerbacherstr. 12+ 14
Postfach 3220
8520 Erlangen, The Federal Republic of Germany

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C. 20555

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This report assesses the predictive capabilities of the Transient Reactor Analysis Code (TRAC-PD2) using data from the SUPER CANON and HEISS DAMPF REACTOR (HDR) experimental facilities. The report is divided into three parts. Part I is the TRAC-PD2 assessment using SUPER CANON data. Part II is the TRAC-PD2 assessment using HDR data. Part III provides recommendations for the user using the combined assessment results. In general, it is shown that the TRAC-PD2 predictions were in good agreement with the actual test pressures and and mass flow rates for both these tests. TRAC-PD2 provided considerably better results than TRAC-P1A. This was particularly true with regard to sound velocity predictions which play a significant role whenever the speed of pressure relief waves must be determined.

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