Change Notice 01-011

Issue Date: 04/09/01


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 1245 12/02/96 IMC 1245 04/09/01
2. IMC 1245 App A 01/21/98 IMC 1245 App A 04/09/01
3 ---------- ---------- IMC 1245 App A
Section XV
4. IMC 1245 App A 01/21/98 IMC 1245 App B 04/09/01
5. ---------- ---------- IMC 1245 App B
Section XV

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 1245 (Inspector Qualification Program For The Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Inspection Program

IMC 1245, Appendix A (Training Requirements For Inspector Classifications)

IMC 1245, App A, Section XV (Training Requirements for Senior Reactor Analyst)

IMC 1245, Appendix B (Inspector Training And Qualification Journal)

IMC 1245, App B, Section XV (Senior Reactor Analyst - NRC Senior Reactor Analyst Qualification Journal)

The manual chapter and associated appendices have been revised to add a new section XV which defines the training requirements for the position of "Senior Reactor Analyst." The training requirements are effective as of the issuance date of this change notice. No other changes nor updates/editorials have been made and recipients are requested to add the new sections XV to their existing copy of the manual chapter and replace the manual chapter and Appendices A and B with the attached revisions.

The entire manual chapter is currently undergoing a total review by a 1245 working group composed of staff from headquarters and the regions. This effort is expected to be completed by this fall, and will result in a replacement of the manual chapter and all its appendices.



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