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Issue Date: 06/24/98


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Number Date Number Date
1. IP 37001 10/29/92 IP 37001 06/24/98
2. IP 37550 03/17/95 IP 37550 06/24/98
3. IP 37551 03/18/94 IP 37551 06/24/98
4. IP 40500 02/28/97 IP 40500 06/24/98
5. IP 61726 12/31/96 IP 61726 06/24/98
6. IP 62707 04/22/96 IP 62707 06/24/98
7. IP 64704 09/08/97 IP 64704 06/24/98
8. IP 71707 09/09/97 IP 71707 06/24/98
9. IP 71750 07/01/97 IP 71750 06/24/98
10. IP 73753 05/04/95 IP 73753 06/24/98
11. IP 82302 03/18/94 IP 82302 06/24/98
TRAINING: Training is proposed by having inspectors take P-111, "Technology and Regulatory Perspectives" course. The course is divided into two parts. The first week of the course presents basic PRA concepts and terminology in a lecture format, supplemented with student exercises, some using actual plant PRAs, and required reading of agency PRA policy and guidance documents. This portion of the course includes a closed-book examination at the beginning of the second week. The second part of the course is a series of integrated workshops that build upon the material presented in the first part of the course. The second part culminates with an open-book examination at the end of the second week.
REMARKS: The following procedures have been revised in accordance to the PRA Implementation Plan to incorporate improved guidance for inspectors on how to use PRA insights to focus inspection activities. The requirement to use PRA insights is intended to be integrated equally with the requirement for inspectors to assess compliance. During PRA training (discussed below) inspectors will have the opportunity to become familiar with their plant's IPE. Additional time needed on-site will depend upon how much they have utilized available plant-specific PRA insights during other inspections at a given plant. Inspectors are initially encouraged to rely upon regional SRAS who have developed plant-specific risk insights to provide information on where and how to focus inspection efforts, evaluate inspection findings, and assess licensee use of PRA. As each inspector gains experience with a given plant, it is expected that their use of risk insights will continue to improve by including risk-related questions to the licensee, related to the areas being inspected.
IP 37001 (10 CFR 50.59 Safety Evaluation Program)
IP 37550 (Engineering)
IP 37551 (Onsite Engineering)
IP 40500 (Effectiveness of Licensee Controls in Identifying, Resolving, and Preventing Problems)
IP 61726 (Surveillance Observations)
IP 62707 (Maintenance Observation)
IP 64704 (Fire Protection Program)
IP 71707 (Plant Operations)
IP 71750 (Plant Support Activities)
IP 73753 (Inservice Inspection)
IP 82302 (Review of Exercise Objectives and Scenarios for Power Reactors)


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