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Information Notice No. 83-13: Design Misapplication of Bergen-Paterson Standard Strut Restraint Clamp

                                                            SSINS No.: 6835 
                                                            IN 83-13  

                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D. C. 20555 

                               March 21, 1983

                              STANDARD STRUT RESTRAINT CLAMP 


All nuclear power reactor facilities holding an operating licensee (OL) or 
construction permit (CP). 


This information notice is provided as a notification of a design 
misapplication of a standard strut restraint clamp provided by 
Bergen-Paterson Pipesupport Corporation. It is expected that recipients will 
review the information for applicability to their facilities. No specific 
action or response is required. 

Description of Circumstances:  

On February 24, 1983, Bergen-Paterson Pipesupport Corporation sent a Part 21
report to the NRC identifying a design misapplication involving one of their
standard strut restraint clamps. The clamp involved was shown in Bergen-
Paterson's Catalog #66 and was called "EA-3" Strut Restraint Clamp. A sketch
from the Bergen-Paterson catalog showing the EA-3 clamp is given in 
Attachment 1. A revised sketch from Bergen-Paterson showing the acceptable 
application of the EA-3 clamp for the catalog load ratings is given in 
Attachment 2. Attachment 3 contains a sketch showing the misapplication of 
the EA-3 clamp for the load ratings given in Catalog #66. 

Bergen-Paterson has been testing the EA-3 clamp to determine actual load 
capacities for the condition shown in Attachment 3. Preliminary results of 
sample sizes tested have shown that some clamps are able to sustain the 
catalog load ratings without failure when shear lugs are welded to the pipe 
as shown in Attachment 3 (Part No. 4). However, for cases where the clamp is
loaded as shown in Attachment 3 with no shear lugs present, tests have 
demonstrated that the clamps have sustantially lower capabilities and can 
not sustain the catalog load ratings without excessive deflections. 

Bergen-Paterson has identified 31 plants that were supplied the EA-3 clamps 
(these plants are listed in Attachment 4). Of the 31 identified, Bergen-
Paterson had original design responsibility for supports on 23 plants. Based
on Bergen-Paterson's review of its available design information, Bergen-
Paterson has identified 2 facilities in which the design loadings exceed the
tested capability of the clamps. 


                                                           IN 83-13  
                                                           March 21, 1983 
                                                           Page 2 of 2  

It is suggested that holders of operating licenses or construction permits 
review this information for applicability to disigns at their facilities. 

No written response to this notice is required. If you have any questions 
regarding this matter, please contact the Regional Administrator of the 
appropriate NRC Regional Office, or this office. 

                         Edward L. Jordan, Director 
                         Division of Emergency Preparedness  
                           and Engineering Response  
                         Office of Inspection and Enforcement 

Technical Contact:  J. R. Fair 
                    (301) 492-4509 

1.   EA-3 Strut Restraint Clamp 
2.   Acceptable application of EA-3 clamp 
3.   Misapplication of EA-3 clamp 
4.   Plants using EA-3 clamp 
5.   List of Recently Issued Information Notices  

                                                           Attachment 4  
                                                           IN 83-13  
                                                           March 21, 1983 

                   Plants with EA-3 Strut Restraint Clamp 

No Bergen-Paterson Design Responsibility 

Brunswick 1 & 2 

Turkey Pt. 3 & 4  

Indian Pt. 3 

Limerick 1 & 2 


Bergen-Paterson Design Responsibility 

Pilgrim 1 

Dresden 2 & 3 

Quad Cities 1 & 2 

Palisades St. Lucie 1 & 2 

Hatch 1 & 2 

Oyster Creek 


Millstone 1 


Fort Calhoun 



Browns Ferry 1, 2, & 3 


Duane Arnold 

Indian Pt. 2 

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