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Bulletins: 1983 Index

Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
BL-83-08 Elect. Circuit Breakers With Undervoltage Trip...in Safety-Related Applications other than the Reactor Trip System -- 12/28/1983 --
BL-83-07 Apparently Fraudulent Products Sold by Ray Miller, Inc. S2 12/09/1983 --
S1 10/26/1983 --
-- 07/22/1983 --
BL-83-06 Nonconforming Materials Supplied by Tube-Line Facilities at Long Island City, NY, Houston, TX, & Carol Stream, IL -- 07/22/1983 --
BL-83-05 ASME Nuclear Code Pumps and Spare Parts Manufactured by the Hayward Tyler Pump Company -- 05/13/1983 --
BL-83-04 Failure of the Undervoltage Trip Function of Reactor Trip Breakers -- 03/11/1983 --
BL-83-03 Check Valve Failures in Raw Water Cooling Systems of Diesel Generators -- 03/10/1983 --
BL-83-02 Stress Corrosion Cracking in Large-Diameter Stainless Steel Recirculation System Piping at BWR Plants -- 03/04/1983 --
BL-83-01 Failure of Trip Breakers (Westinghouse DB-50) to Open on Automatic Trip Signal -- 02/25/1983 --
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