Part 21 Report - 1999-280

ACCESSION #: 9905120290

Whiting Corporation

157th & Lathrop
Harvey, IL 60426-5198
708-331-4000 ext 4000
Fax: 708-210-5037 or 5010

April 27, 1999

Kim Hull
Fax 920-388-8361
Principal Engineer ENTS
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

Dear Mr. Hull:

Subject: Potential 10 CFR 21 Notice

RE: SN 9914

This is to inform you of a concern related to the continued operation of crane(s) 9914. This notification is limited, and only customers receiving this notice are required to take action.

An analysis of the main hoist on a crane similar to the referenced crane has revealed some over-stressed conditions. The auxiliary hoist is not affected by this condition and can continue to be used with out restriction. As an interim measure, we would recommend reducing the main hoist capacity to 50% of the original rated capacity.

If the above provisions are followed, the crane can continue to be used without additional concern until circumstances allow for appropriate modifications to the suspect components.

Whiting Corporation, a Delaware Corporation, has no direct responsibility for the design of equipment sold by Whiting Corporation, an Illinois Corporation, prior to an asset purchase in 1984. We are passing this information on to all affected utilities for their evaluation.

Until the time repairs can be made, you must either discontinue use or derate the capacity of the main hoist to 50% of the original rated capacity on the referenced cranes.

Whiting Corporation and our sister company Whiting Services Inc. are willing to provide assistance in repair of these trolleys.

You may contact Robert Kelleher or Joseph Poradzisz of our Application Engineering department at 708-331-4000 extension 3505 or 3524 for further instructions and information, or to arrange for evaluations and specific repairs.


Mark J. Kwasny
Manager of Quality Assurance



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