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Nuclear Services                   November 14, 1997

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Subject:  Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit No. 2

          BV-2 Docket No. 50-412, License No. NPF-73

          10 CFR 21 Interim Report: Senior Flexonics Expansion Joints

     Pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21(a)(2), Duquesne Light Company is providing

an interim report on our evaluation of the subject expansion joints.

     Stone & Webster provided us with sufficient detail by September 8,

1997, to determine that BVPS Unit 2 has the subject expansion joints

installed in the service water system, and that the effects of adding tie

rods to those joints requires further evaluation.  Within several weeks

following that determination, significant piping analysis resources were

required to perform a comprehensive evaluation of Unit 1 small bore

piping, an issue which emerged during our on-going Unit 1 refueling


     The work on small bore piping is resource intensive.  To maintain

work continuity, and to focus on one issue at a time, our present plan of

action is to satisfactorily address the small bore piping issue before

the expansion joint evaluation is continued.

     The Senior Flexonics expansion joints installed in the Unit 2

service water system will be evaluated for the effects of increased

stiffness due to expansion joint tie rods.  Our evaluation will determine

conformance with the design criteria in Unit 2 UFSAR Section 3.  The

report date for our conclusions is scheduled by February 15, 1998.


                                        Sushil C.  Jain

c:   Mr.  D.  M.  Kern, Sr.  Resident Inspector

     Mr.  H.  J.  Miller, NRC Region I Administrator

     Mr.  D.  S.  Brinkman, Sr.  Project Manager


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