Part 21 Report - 1997-841

ACCESSION #: 9711210064 memorandum November 14, 1997 Indian Point Station TO: Paul Kinkel Vice President Nuclear Power FROM: Charles W. Jackson Manager Nuclear Safety & Licensing SUBJECT: Preliminary Evaluation per 10 CFR Part 21 Report of Condition Defective MOV T-drains A preliminary evaluation has been performed to determine if the condition reported could create a substantial safety hazard and is thereby reportable under 10 CFR Part 21. The results of this preliminary evaluation indicate that the subject condition: X is reportable is not reportable The preliminary evaluation justifying this determination is attached. Accepted: Designated Responsible Company Officer Date: Time: November 17, 1997 Indian Point Unit No. 2 Docket No. 50-247 Part 21 - Defective MOV T-drains Environmentally qualified MOV's to be operable, must have T-drains installed to relieve moisture, buildup in a harsh environment following a major accident. While inspecting the spare motor, prior to installation, on MOV 856D, an EQ MOV, it was found to have defective T-drains. This was observed as an apparent manufacturer's defect. The T-drain, supplied by Limitorque Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia, was not drilled through and would act as a pipe plug rather than as a drain. This motor had been removed from the spare actuator for MOV 536. The actuator had been removed from service in 1993, rebuilt, and stored for future use. The defective T-drains have been removed and properly drilled ones were installed. All the other EQ MOV's were inspected and several were found to have similar defective T- drains; these were also removed and properly drilled T-drains have been installed on all EQ MOV's. A written report of this condition will be prepared and submitted to the NRC per 10CFR21.21. POWER REACTOR EVENT NUMBER: 33273 FACILITY: INDIAN POINT REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION DATE: 11/17/97 UNIT: [2] [ ] [ ] STATE: NY NOTIFICATION TIME: 17:41[ET] RX TYPE: [2] W-4-LP,[3] EVENT DATE: 11/17/97 W-4-LP EVENT TIME: 16.45(EST) NRC NOTIFIED BY: MICHELE SAVINO LAST UPDATE DATE: 11/17/97 HQ OPS OFFICER: DICK JOLLIFFE NOTIFICATIONS EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: JACK McFADDEN, R1 RDO CDEG 21.21(c)(3)(i) DEFECTS/NONCOMPLIANCE MILTON SHYMLOCK, R2 RDO JOHN MADERA, R3 RDO JOSEPH TAPIA, R4 RDO VERN HODGE NRR UNIT SCRAM CODE RX CRIT INIT PWR INIT RX MODE CURR PWR CURR RX MODE 2 N N 0 COLD SHUTDOWN 0 COLD SHUTDOWN EVENT TEXT - 10CFR21 REPORT OF DEFECTIVE T-DRAINS ON ENVIRONMENTALLY QUALIFIED MOV's INDIAN POINT UNIT 2 IS IN MODE 5 (COLD SHUTDOWN) IN A MAINTENANCE OUTAGE. WHILE PREPARING TO INSTALL A SPARE MOTOR ON ENVIRONMENTALLY QUALIFIED (EQ) MOTOR OPERATED VALVE (MOV) #MOV-856D, THE LICENSEE DISCOVERED THAT THE MOV HAD A DEFECTIVE T-DRAIN. IN ORDER FOR AN EQ MOV TO BE OPERABLE, THE VALVE MUST HAVE A T-DRAIN INSTALLED TO RELIEVE MOISTURE BUILDUP IN A HARSH ENVIRONMENT FOLLOWING A MAJOR ACCIDENT. THE T-DRAIN, SUPPLIED BY LIMITORQUE, INC, LYNCHBURG, VA, WAS NOT DRILLED THROUGH AND WOULD ACT AS A PIPE PLUG RATHER THAN AS A PIPE DRAIN. THE LICENSEE OBSERVED THIS CONDITION TO BE AN APPARENT MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT. THE SPARE MOTOR HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM THE SPARE ACTUATOR FOR #MOV-536 WHICH HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM SERVICE IN 1993, REBUILT, AND STORED FOR FUTURE USE. THE LICENSEE INSPECTED ALL EQ MOVs AND FOUND SEVERAL WITH A SIMILAR DEFECTIVE T-DRAIN. THE LICENSEE HAS REMOVED ALL DEFECTIVE T-DRAINS AND INSTALLED PROPERLY DRILLED T-DRAINS ON ALL EQ MOVs. THE LICENSEE PLANS TO PREPARE A WRITTEN REPORT OF THIS CONDITION AND SUBMIT IT TO THE NRC PER 10CFR21.21. THE LICENSEE INFORMED THE NRC RESIDENT INSPECTOR. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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