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                             INTERIM LETTER

                        SUPPLEMENT NO.: 97-002-02

To:       Document Control Desk

          U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

          Washington, DC. 20555

From:     Coltec Industries - Fairbanks Morse Engine Division (FMED)

Date:     3 March 1998

Subject:  Weldments on Opposed Piston and Coltec-Pielstick Emergency

          Stand-By Diesel Gen-Set Lube-Oil and Jacket Water Piping


This supplement to the Interim Letter dated 30 September 1997, and to

supplement 97-002-01 dated 18 December 1997, is intended to inform the

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the affected nuclear utilities on

the progress of the root cause investigation, and corrective/preventative

actions associated with the Coltec-FMED Part 21 File No. 97-002.

Supplement 97-002-01 stated that "Results from the burst test should be

available by the end of January 1998, at which time the review of

customer contract requirements should also be complete.  A final letter

of notification should be available by the end of February 1998.".

The burst testing portion of the investigation is complete.  Twenty-two

welded joints were individually pressurized between 2100 psig and 5000

psig, and then evaluated.  A draft copy of the engineering report text is

attached.  The preliminary conclusion is that the welding of the joints

is adequate for the service intended, and that no steps need to be taken

to replace or rework piping runs in the field.

Yet to be completed are the metallurgical portion of the investigation,

and the review of customer contract requirements.  These are scheduled to

be completed by the end of April 1998, at which time a final notification

should be available.

The attached engineering report references appendices A through E.

Appendix C exhibits photos of the sections of piping as received.

Appendix D exhibits photos of the test sections after completion of the

burst testing.  Appendix E provides a summary of the detailed analysis of

each of the tested joints, which includes metallurgical investigation

results.  These three appendices (C, D, and E) are not included in this

supplement.  They will be included in the final notification.


Jeanne A. Conway

Quality Assurance Engineer

Paul Danyluk

Vice President, Engineering

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     T. Gill

     B. Hall

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