Part 21 Report - 1997-761

ACCESSION #: 9710170053 FOXBORO The Foxboro Company Foxboro, MA 02035-2099 14 October 1997 United States of America Telephone +1 508 549 6750 Facsimile +1 508 549 6750 Mr. Steve Saidan Internet http: // U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Events Assessment 1155 Rockville Heights Rockville, MD 02852 Subject: Our notification to you, Event Number 33081, at 11:36 am October 14, 1997 Dear Mr. Saidan, This notification involves a total of six (6) Foxboro Differential Pressure Transmitters shipped to nuclear sites. Five (5) transmitters were shipped (7/26/96) to Vermont Yankee, Model Number N-823DP-D3S1SH1 and one (1) transmitter shipped (3/11/97) to Consolidated Edison of New York, Indian Point Station Number 2, Model N-823DP-D3S1SH2-F. The problem with these transmitters is that Foxboro inadvertently shipped the wrong electronics module, which is installed inside these transmitters. We shipped an electronics module which had not undergone the seismic qualification tests required for this product, This module is, however, from the same family as modules already nuclear qualified, and is robust in design. We immediately undertook to run random vibration tests as a first step to assess its capability. These tests gave us confidence that the electronic modules would pass the nuclear seismic requirements and we are on a path to perform these qualification tests within the next two to four weeks. We contacted both Vermont Yankee and Consolidated Edison of New York on October 9, 1997. We supplied the seismic and random vibration test data to Vermont Yankee on October 10th to help them assess their application for these transmitters. We talked with Steve Kolpa on Tuesday morning, October 14th. He informed us that the vibration data had been reviewed and that there was no immediate operability problem. He asked that we keep him informed when our qualification tests were completed. Consolidated Edison of New York reported back, through a conversation with Mr. Alan Budnick, the General Manager of Quality Assurance Oversight, on Friday October 10th, that this transmitter did not affect plant operability. This transmitter is used in the reactor coolant system but is valved out and had no direct safety function. It is only used when the reactor is shut-down and its next use would be in approximately two years. We did, however, uncover another issue relating to Consolidated Edison of New York. We reviewed all purchase orders for this product, to make sure that we had met all technical specifications. We found that a specification for normal radiation had been overlooked in FOXBORO this instance. For this particular order, Consolidated Edison required 6000 rads, and our product does not quite meet this level. We are supplying our radiation test data to Consolidation Edison for their review. The data indicates a minimum of 4700 rads capability. Consolidated Edison will review this data to determine if there is any effect on transmitter life for its particular location. If not, then the transmitter will not be replaced. If there is a problem, then the transmitter will be replaced. Consolidated Edison of New York: P.O.# Ship date Foxboro S.O.# Qty Model Number 167927 3/11/97 96F66565 1 N0823DP-D3S1SH2-F CS-N/SRC Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power. P.O.# Ship Date Foxboro S.O.# Qty Model Number 96-1405600 7/26/96 9SF19538 5 N-832DP-D3S1SH1 CS-N/SRC If you need additional information, please contact Truman King at (508) 549-66797, or Richard Anderson at (508) 549-3889, or Jack Sears at (508) 549-2191. We will keep you informed of on-going progress. Regards, THE FOXBORO COMPANY Truman L. King, Director Corporate Quality and Product Safety TLK/baa GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 33081 LICENSEE: FOXBORO COMPANY NOTIFICATION DATE: 10/14/97 CITY: FOXBORO REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION TIME: 11:36 [ET] COUNTY: STATE: MA EVENT DATE: 10/14/97 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: Y EVENT TIME: 00:00[EDT] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 10/14/97 NOTIFICATIONS JOHN WHITE RDO NRC NOTIFIED BY: TRUMAN KING VERN HODGE NRR HQ OPS OFFICER: STEVE SANDIN EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH EVENT TEXT PART 21 NOTIFICATION FOXBORO COMPANY LOCATED IN FOXBORO, MA. SUPPLIED A TOTAL OF SIX NUCLEAR QUALIFIED PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS CONTAINING THE INCORRECT ELECTRONIC MODULES. THE ELECTRONIC MODULES, ALTHOUGH FROM THE SAME FAMILY, WERE NOT SEISMICALLY QUALIFIED AS SPECIFIED ON THE PURCHASE ORDERS. THESE SIX UNITS WERE SUPPLIED TO: QTY: 5 MODEL # N-823DP-D3SH1 SHIPPED: 7/26/96 INSTALLED AT VERMONT YANKEE QTY: 1 MODEL # N-823DP-D3SH2-F SHIPPED: 3/11/97 INSTALLED AT INDIAN POINT 2 ALSO, THE PURCHASE ORDER FROM INDIAN POINT 2 SPECIFIED A CUMULATIVE EXPOSURE OF 6,000 RADS FOR SERVICE LIFE CONSIDERATION. FOXBORO DETERMINED THAT, THROUGH AN OVERSIGHT ON THEIR PART, THIS REQUIREMENT HAD NOT BEEN TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. FOXBORO HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH BOTH UTILITIES. AT THIS TIME, NEITHER UTILITY HAS INDICATED AN OPERABILITY CONCERN FOR THESE INSTALLED PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS. FOXBORO WILL FORMALIZE AND SUBMIT A WRITTEN REPORT. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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