Part 21 Report - 1997-742

ACCESSION #: 9802060147 PENNDEL, PENNSYLVANIA 19047 215-757-3704 DATE: January 30, 1998 TO: NRC OPERATIONS Tel: 301-816-5100 Fax: 301-816-5151 Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington DC 20555 Niagara Mohawk Power Attn: Mr. Dominick Losurdo 9 Mile Point - 112 Warehouse 348 Lake Rd. Oswego, NY 13126 Tel: 315-349-7415 Fax: 315-349-7399 FROM: PYCO Inc. Mr. John V. Metzger Jr. - President 600 E. Lincoln Hwy. Penndel, PA 19047 Tel. 215-757-3704 Fax: 215-757-3780 Re : 10 CFR PART 21 - COMPLETION of CORRECTIVE ACTION REF : NRC Notification on Oct. 3, 1997 As required by 10 CFA Pan 21, the following information is to provide notification of CORRECTIVE ACTION COMPLETION in connection with two (2) Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) supplied to Niagara Mohawk Power, Nine Mile Point Station: 1. Name and Address of individual informing Commission. Mr. John V. Metzger Jr. - President - PYCO Inc. 600 E. Lincoln Hwy. Penndel, PA 19047 Tel: 215-757-3704 Fax: 215-757-3780 Page 1 of 3 PENNDEL, PENNSYLVANIA 19047 215-757-3704 2. Basic Component Supplied: - Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Assembly - PYCO Part Number (P/N) 122-4030-04-2.7-6.0 - Two (2) pieces; PYCO Serial Numbers (S/N) 15006 and 15007 - PYCO Shop Order (SO) # 57985 - Customer Purchase Order (PO) # 03015 - Customer Material A 93-03-975 3. Identification of the Firm supplying the basic component PYCO Inc. 600 E. Lincoln Hwy. Penndel, PA 19047 4. Nature of Deviation RTD assemblies were manufactured using a screw cover terminal enclosure fabricated from aluminum instead of an identical appearing cast iron enclosure as specified on the assembly drawing. 5. Date Detected: Niagara Mohawk returned S/N 15007 to PYCO for calibration verification (RMA4040). The nonconformance was discovered during our in-house receiving inspection of customer returned materials on September 19, 1997. The calibration verification was completed on September 26, 1997 and the RTD's are within specification. Verbal communication of the discovery of the nonconformance was provided to Niagara Mohawk on September 29, 1997. Since two RTD's were manufactured in SO# 57985, PYCO informed Niagara Mohawk of the other RTD assembly (S/N 15006) that could have been manufactured with an aluminum enclosure. PYCO requested Niagara Mohawk to inspect S/N 15006 and advise PYCO of their results for corrective action development, as required. Formal Notification of Deviation was provided to the NRC on October 3, 1997. Page 2 of 3 PENNDEL, PENNSYLVANIA 19047 215-757-3704 6. Location of Components: A. S/N 15006 located at: Niagara Mohawk Power 9 Mile Point - 348 Lake Rd. Oswego, NY 13126 B. S/N 15007 returned to: Niagara Mohawk Power 9 Mile Point - 348 Lake Rd. Oswego, NY 13126 7. Corrective Action: (updated as of Jan. 30, 1998) A. S/N 15006 - The RTD assembly is in Operation at Niagara Mohawk PYCO provided Cast Iron enclosure and installation instructions to Niagara Mohawk for replacement at site location. Niagara Mohawk completed corrective action activities and provided PYCO with a certificate of compliance on Jan. 27, 1998. (Attachment A) B. S/N 15007 - Reworked the RTD assembly, replaced the aluminum enclosure with a cast iron enclosure, inspected and returned to Niagara Mohawk on Nov, 10, 1997 C. Reviewed PYCO's Commercial Grade Item (CGI) dedication procedure to preclude recurrence. PYCO Nuclear Administrative Procedures were updated OCT. 3, 1997. 8. Advice Related to Deviation: Both the Aluminum and Cast Iron enclosures are APPROVED for use in Nuclear Applications as verified by Qualification Tests and are routinely used in Nuclear Power Plants. Sincerely, John V. Metzger Jr. - President PYCO Inc. Attachments Page 3 of 3 TO: PYCO Inc. Attn: William J. Szary - Quality Control Manager 600 E. Lincoln Hwy. Penndel, PA 19047 Tel: 215-757-3704 Fax: 215-757-3790 FROM: Niagara Mohawk Dominick LoSurdo 9 Mile Point - U2 Warehouse 348 Lake Rd. Oswego, NY 13126 Tel: 315-349-7415 Fax: 315-349-7390 RE: CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE Niagara Mohawk PO PYCO Inc. PO# Niagara Mohawk Personnel replaced the originally supplied Aluminum Head with the CAST IRON HEAD (P/N 14-0058-01) using disassembly and installation instructions provided by PYCO and transferred the metal identification tag on the following assembly. Part Number : 122403 0-04-2.7-6 Serial Number: 15006 Matl Id# : 93-03-977 Replaced by: Name Title Date Inspected by: Name Title Date This completed document will serve as notice of successful installation of the cast iron head as identified in the 10CFR Part 21 Notification of Deviation to the NRC. Signed: Date: Title: GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 33035 LICENSEE: PYCO, INC. NOTIFICATION DATE: 10/06/97 CITY: PENNDEL REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION TIME: 13:32 [ET] COUNTY: STATE: PA EVENT DATE: 10/06/97 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: N EVENT TIME: 00:00[EDT] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 02/02/98 NOTIFICATIONS GENE KELLY RDO NRC NOTIFIED BY: WILLIAM SZARY VERN HODGE NRR HQ OPS OFFICER: BOB STRANSKY EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH EVENT TEXT 10 CFR PART 21 REPORT - RTD ASSEMBLIES MANUFACTURED USING COVER MADE FROM ALUMINUM INSTEAD OF CAST IRON AS SPECIFIED. THE FOLLOWING IS TEXT FROM A FACSIMILE SUBMITTED BY THE VENDOR: "RTD [RESISTANCE TEMPERATURE DETECTOR] ASSEMBLIES WERE MANUFACTURED USING A SCREW COVER TERMINAL ENCLOSURE FABRICATED FROM ALUMINUM INSTEAD OF AN IDENTICAL APPEARING CAST IRON ENCLOSURE AS SPECIFIED ON THE ASSEMBLY DRAWING. NIAGARA MOHAWK RETURNED S/N 15007 TO PYCO FOR CALIBRATION VERIFICATION (RMA4040). THE NONCONFORMANCE WAS DISCOVERED DURING OUR IN-HOUSE RECEIVING INSPECTION OF CUSTOMER RETURNED MATERIALS ON SEPTEMBER 19, 1997. THE CALIBRATION VERIFICATION WAS COMPLETED ON SEPTEMBER 26, 1997, AND THE RTDs ARE WITHIN SPECIFICATION. VERBAL COMMUNICATION OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE NONCONFORMANCE WAS PROVIDED TO NIAGARA MOHAWK ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1997. SINCE TWO RTDs WERE MANUFACTURED IN SO#57985, PYCO INFORMED NIAGARA MOHAWK OF THE OTHER RTD ASSEMBLY (S/N 15006) THAT COULD HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURED WITH AN ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE. PYCO REQUESTED NIAGARA MOHAWK TO INSPECT SIN 15006 AND ADVISE PYCO OF THEIR RESULTS FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION DEVELOPMENT, AS REQUIRED. BOTH THE ALUMINUM AND CAST IRON ENCLOSURES ARE APPROVED FOR USE IN NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS AS VERIFIED BY QUALIFICATION TESTS AND ARE ROUTINELY USED IN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS." *** UPDATE ON 02/02/98 @ 1400 FROM WILLIAM SZARY TAKEN BY MACKINNON *** (Continued on next page) LICENSEE: PYCO, INC. PAGE # 2 OF EVENT NUMBER: 33035 PYCO (LOCATED IN PENNDEL, PENNSYLVANIA) PROVIDED THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AS NOTIFICATION OF CORRECTIVE ACTION COMPLETION IN CONNECTION WITH TWO RTDS SUPPLIED TO NIAGARA MOHAWK POWER, NINE MILE POINT STATION, BY PYCO: CORRECTIVE ACTION: (UPDATED AS OF JANUARY 30, 1998) A. S/N 15006 - THE RTD ASSEMBLY IS IN OPERATION AT NIAGARA MOHAWK. PYCO PROVIDED CAST IRON ENCLOSURE AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TO NIAGARA MOHAWK FOR REPLACEMENT AT THE SITE LOCATION. NIAGARA MOHAWK COMPLETED CORRECTIVE ACTION ACTIVITIES AND PROVIDED PYCO WITH A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE ON JANUARY 27, 1998. B. S/N 15007 - THE RTD ASSEMBLY WAS REWORKED, AND THE ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE WAS REPLACED WITH A CAST IRON ENCLOSURE. THE ASSEMBLY WAS THEN INSPECTED AND RETURNED TO NIAGARA MOHAWK ON NOVEMBER 10, 1997. C. PYCO'S COMMERCIAL GRADE ITEM DEDICATION PROCEDURE WAS REVIEWED TO PRECLUDE RECURRENCE. PYCO NUCLEAR ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES WERE ALSO UPDATED ON OCTOBER 3, 1997. PYCO NOTIFIED NIAGARA MOHAWK POWER (DOMINICK LOSURDO). THE NRC OPERATIONS CENTER NOTIFIED THE R1DO (LAURIE PELUSO) AND NRR (VERN HODGE). FAX Date 02/02/98 Number of pages including cover sheet 5 TO: NRC OPERATIONS FROM: PYCO Inc. William Szary. Quality Control Manager. 600 E. Lincoln Hwy. Penndel, PA 19047 Phone 301-816-5100 Phone 215 757-3704 Fax Phone 301-816-5151 Fax Phone 215 757-3780 CC: REMARKS: [] Urgent [] For your review [] Reply ASAP [] Please Comment NRC OPERATIONS: As required by 10 CFR PART 21, the attached information is to provide COMPLETION OF CORRECTIVE ACTION notification in connection with two (2) Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) supplied to Niagara Mohawk, Nine Mile Point Station by PYCO Inc. PYCO has notified Niagara Mohawk Power (Mr. Dominick Losurdo 315-349- 7415) verbally, fax and hard copy. Also as required, a copy of the attached document has been sent to the Document Control Desk, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington DC 20555 William J. Szary Quality Control Manager *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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