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Nebraska Public Power District


April 16, 1998

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Attention: Document Control Desk

Washington, D.C. 20555-0001


Subject:       Follow-up to Interim Report Pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21

               (a)(2) Cooper Nuclear Station, NRC Docket 50-298, DPR-46

Reference:     1.   Letter NLS970124 to Document Control Desk (USNRC)

                    from P. D. Graham (NPPD) dated September 29, 1997,

                    "Interim Report Pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21 (a)(2),

                    Cooper Nuclear Station, NRC Docket 50-298, DPR-46"

               2.   Letter NLS970055 to Document Control Desk (USNRC)

                    from P. D. Graham (NPPD) dated March 27, 1997, "Reply

                    to a Notice of Violation, NRC Inspection Report No.

                    50-29 8/96-24, Cooper Nuclear Station, NRC Docket 50-

                    298, DPR-46"

               3.   Letter NLS970227 to Document Control Desk (USNRC)

                    from P. D. Graham (NPPD) dated December 26, 1997,

                    "Change of Commitment, Cooper Nuclear Station, NRC

                    Docket 50-298, DPR-46"

This letter provides closure to the interim 10 CFR Part 21 submitted to

the Commission on September 29, 1997 (Reference 1), and establishes a new

date for the completion of the Level 1 and 2 setpoint project committed

to in Reference 2.

In Reference 1, the Nebraska Public Power District (District) submitted

an interim report to the Commission pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21 (a)(2)

describing a condition where safety related setpoint calculations

provided to the District by General Electric Nuclear Energy (GENE) were

found to contain non-conservative errors.  These non-conservatisms in the

Level 1 setpoint calculations (being done in support of the Improved

Technical Specifications project) were primarily a result of calculation

and math errors and had minimal impact on nuclear safety.  Accordingly,

no substantial safety hazard could have been created (i.e., the condition

is not reportable pursuant to 10 CFR Part 21).  Note that even if there

had been a potential significant impact, the affect would have been

limited to the proposed Improved Technical Specifications.  There would

have been no impact on the current Technical Specifications and plant


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The Level 1 setpoint calculations for Improved Technical Specifications

have been reviewed and checked by an independent third party to assure

accuracy and correctness.  However, the administrative processing and

reformatting necessary for formal approval has yet to be completed as

committed to in Reference 3.  Final approval of these calculations will

be completed by May 31, 1998.

In addition to the Level 1 setpoint calculations being done in support of

Improved Technical Specifications, the District committed by letter dated

March 27, 1997 (Reference 2), to review and update all Level 2 setpoints,

and their associated calculations, by December 31, 1997.  However, this

project could not be completed until the potential 10 CFR Part 21 issue

was resolved.  The District informed the Commission of this commitment

change in Reference 3 and committed to providing a new completion date

for the Level 1 and 2 setpoint project as part of the closure to the

potential 10 CFR Part 21 issue (i.e., this letter).  Accordingly, the

Level 1 setpoints, which are those supporting Improved Technical

Specifications, will be completed by May 31, 1998, (as discussed above)

with the remainder of the project to be completed (i.e., the Level 2

setpoints) by December 31, 1998.  Since this project is, in effect, a

validation and reconstitution of the design basis supporting previously

reviewed and approved setpoints, this delay in the project completion has

no safety significance.

Should you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact me.


J. H. Swailes

Vice President

of Nuclear Energy


cc:  Regional Administrator

     USNRC - Region IV

     Senior Project Manager

     USNRC - NRR Project Directorate IV-1

     Senior Resident Inspector


     NPG Distribution


Correspondence No: NLS980069

The following table identifies those actions committed to by the District

in this document.  Any other actions discussed in the submittal represent

intended or planned actions by the District.  They are described to the

NRC for the NRC's information and are not regulatory commitments.  Please

notify the NLS Manager at Cooper Nuclear Station of any questions

regarding this document or any associated regulatory commitments.

                                                  COMMITTED DATE

          COMMITMENT                                OR OUTAGE

Complete the Level 1 setpoints supporting ITS.    May 31, 1998

Complete the review and updating of the Level 2   December 31, 1998


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