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ACCESSION #: 9709090321


September 4, 1997

Document Control Desk

U.S.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Washington, DC 20555

Subject:            Report of Potential Deviation per 10CFR Part 21 

                    Possible Crack Contact Block on CVQ Class 1E Relays

Notification By:    ABB Power T&D Company Inc.

                    Power Automation and Protection Division

                    4300 Coral Ridge Dr.

                    Coral Springs, FL 33065

This letter is a notification of a potential defect on the Class 1E type

CVQ relay, style numbers 1339D96A01 and 1339D96A02.

This defect consists of a potential cracked contact block on the polar

element assembly.  The crack may cause a short between the contact and

the frame of the polar element.  The crack may be caused by the excessive

length of the screw that retains the contact block to the polar element


The solution to the problem is to add a flat washer to the assembly in

order to relieve any possible stress.

A copy of this notification is being sent to all customers who our

records indicate have purchased this type of relay.

Questions concerning this notification letter should be directed to the

Quality Manager at the Power Automation & Protection Division at 

954-752-6700 or Fax 954-345-5329.

Marilinda Ruiz                               Jose Gierbolini

Quality Manager                              Site Manager

                       ABB Power T&D Company Inc.

Power Automation & Protection Division       4300 Coral Ridge Drive 

                                             Coral Springs, FL 33065

                                             Telephone: (954) 752-6700

                                             Telefax: (954) 345-5329


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