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10 July 1997                                 File No.: 97-001

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Subject: FM-Alco 251 Engine, High Pressure Fuel Tube-Catalog No.:


On 11 June 1997, Coltec Fairbanks Morse Engine Division (FMED) became

aware of a potential safety hazard associated with the subject assembly

in which a dual failure mode exists. The first failure mode is a

longitudinal fracture on the outer surface of the 90 degree bend. The

fracture is caused by inherent fissures in the tube material.

The second failure mode is also a fracture that develops in the 1/16 in.

radii at both up-set ends of the tube. The fractures in the up-set ends

resulted from an incorrect forming process using dies, instead of a

production fitting. In either case, the high pressure fuel spray after

fracture can create a serious fire hazard. An analysis of the tube

material indicates that the material grade (AISI 4130) is suitable for

the application for which it is used, and that the samples tested meet

specifications. Corrective action has been taken to prevent recurrence of

both failure modes through changes to the affected drawings and the

manufacturing processes.

Affected utilities should return their current inventory of the subject

assembly to FMED, and begin to replace existing installed as soon as

possible. It should be noted that due to the stand-by operation mode of

the FM-Alco 251 Engine in nuclear application, tube failure is not

eminent since both fracture modes are attributed to long term exposure to

cyclical loading from both fuel injection system and engine vibrations.

The following sites are affected by this notification:

o    Consolidated Edison                Indian Point 3

o    Consumers Power                    Palisades

o    Boston Edison                      Pilgrim Station

o    Public Service Electric & Gas      Salem

o    New York Power Authority           Indian Point 2

o    Pacific Gas & Electric             Diablo Canyon

o    Rochester gas & Electric           Ginna Station


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Manager, Quality Assurance

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