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3 October 1997

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Attn: Document Control Desk

Washington, D.C.  20555

Supplemental Notification Pursuant to Title 10, CFR, Part 21


BW/IP letter dated 24 September, 1997, transmitted a Notification of

Defects and Non-conformance in accordance with the requirements of 10

CFR, Part 21.  Notification CFRN 97-01 reported a condition which

effected Emergency Service Water pumps supplied by BW/IP International,

Inc., to GPU Nuclear, Oyster Creek Nuclear Generation Station.

This Supplement to Notification CFRN 97-01 reports that the metallurgy,

geometry and service environment reported for the component parts in the

emergency service water pumps supplied to GPU Nuclear is unique to the

Oyster Creek station.  No other nuclear generating stations are effected

by this Notification.

This transmittal completes all reporting requirements on this issue.

Very truly yours,

W. Lane

Manager, Nuclear Products Operations

cc:  Part 21 Evaluation Board Members


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