Part 21 Report - 1997-541

ACCESSION #: 9708080194 Con Edison memorandum FAX TRANSMISSION INDIAN POINT UNIT NO.2, DOCKET No. 50-247 BROADWAY & BLEAKLEY AVE BUCHANAN, NY 10511 (914) 734-5127 FAX: (914) 737-8364 To: NRC Operations Center Date: August 6, 1997 Fax#: (301) 816-5151 Pages: 3, including this cover sheet. From: Charles W. Jackson Subject: 10 CFR 21-21 COMMENTS: Attached is an Initial notification per 10 CFR 21.21 relative to a condition discovered with Westinghouse W-2 switches having Texin starwheels. As required, a detailed report will be submitted within 30 days of this facsimile transmission. Should you have any questions, contact Mr. Charles W. Jackson. Con Edison memorandum August 5, 1997 Indian Point Station Docket No. 50-247 TO: Stephen E. Quinn Vice President Nuclear Power FROM: Charles W. Jackson Manager Nuclear Safety & Licensing SUBJECT: Preliminary Evaluation per 10 CFR Part 21 Report of Condition W-2 Switches with Texin Starwheels A preliminary evaluation has been performed to determine if the condition reported could create a substAntial safety hazard and is thereby reportable under 10 CFR Part 21. This results of this preliminary evaluation indicate that the subject condition: x is reportable. is not reportable. The preliminary evaluation justifying this determination is attached. Accepted Designated Responsible Company Officer Date Time Indian Point Unit No. 2 Docket No. 50-247 Westinghouse Technical Bulletin No. NSD-TB-74-10, dated 9/9/74, as revised on 9/30/74, reported that the starwheels, made of a material called Texin, in certain types of W-2 switches have exhibited failures. All plants with such switches installed, including IP-2, were instructed to replace all Texin starwheels in the affected W-2 switches. However, the Technical Bulletin noted that "all switches having more than three stages" can be "positively identified as not affected by this Bulletin". During the recent refueling outage at IP-2, it was discovered that several safety-related W-2 switches, having more than three stages, did indeed have the Texin starwheels. This was verified by chemical tests and infrared spectroscopic studies at Catholic University. The affected starwheels have been replaced prior to unit restart. In addition, the discovery of the Texin starwheels in these W-2 switches has been communicated to industry via the INPO Nuclear Network. A written report on this condition will be prepared and submitted to NRC as required by 10CFR21.21. POWER REACTOR EVENT NUMBER: 32731 FACILITY: INDIAN POINT REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION DATE: 08/06/97 UNIT: [2] [ ] [ ] STATE: NY NOTIFICATION TIME: 15:00 (ET) RX TYPE: [2] W-4-LP, [3] W-4-LP EVENT DATE: 08/06/97 EVENT TIME: 00:00[EDT] NRC NOTIFIED BY: JOHN BALLETTA LAST UPDATE DATE: 08/06/97 HQ OPS OFFICER: LEIGH TROCINE NOTIFICATIONS EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: RICHARD CONTE RDO CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH VERN HODGE, NRR RVIB UNIT SCRAM CODE RX CRIT INIT PWR INIT RX MODE CURR PWR CURR RX MODE 2 N Y 100 POWER OPERATION 100 POWER OPERATION EVENT TEXT 10 CFR PART 21 NOTIFICATION REGARDING W-2 SWITCHES WITH TEXIN STARWHEELS THE FOLLOWING TEXT IS A PORTION OF A FACSIMILE RECEIVED FROM THE LICENSEE: "WESTINGHOUSE TECHNICAL BULLETIN NO. NSD-TB-74-10, DATED 9/9/74, AS REVISED ON 9/30/74, REPORTED THAT THE STARWHEELS, MADE OF A MATERIAL CALLED TEXIN, IN CERTAIN TYPES OF W-2 SWITCHES HAVE EXHIBITED FAILURES. ALL PLANTS WITH SUCH SWITCHES INSTALLED, INCLUDING [INDIAN POINT UNIT 21, WERE INSTRUCTED TO REPLACE ALL TEXIN STARWHEELS IN THE AFFECTED W-2 SWITCHES. HOWEVER, THE TECHNICAL BULLETIN NOTED THAT 'ALL SWITCHES HAVING MORE THAN THREE STAGES' CAN BE 'POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED AS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS BULLETIN.'" "DURING THE RECENT REFUELING OUTAGE AT [INDIAN POINT UNIT 2], IT WAS DISCOVERED THAT SEVERAL SAFETY-RELATED W-2 SWITCHES, HAVING MORE THAN THREE STAGES, DID INDEED HAVE THE TEXIN STARWHEELS. THIS WAS VERIFIED BY THE CHEMICAL TESTS AND INFRARED SPECTROSCOPIC STUDIES AT CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY." "THE AFFECTED STARWHEELS [HAD] BEEN REPLACED PRIOR TO UNIT 2 RESTART. IN ADDITION, THE DISCOVERY OF THE TEXIN STARWHEELS IN THESE W-2 SWITCHES HAS BEEN COMMUNICATED TO INDUSTRY VIA THE INPO NUCLEAR NETWORK." THE LICENSEE STATED THAT THIS ISSUE AFFECTED THE RECIRCULATION SWITCHES FOR SAFETY INJECTION (RECIRCULATION MODE). THE LICENSEE PLANS TO NOTIFY THE NRC RESIDENT INSPECTOR. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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