Part 21 Report - 1997-511

ACCESSION #: 9708080191 MGP INSTRUMENTS Suite 150 15000 Highlands Parkway Smyrna, GA 30082 Tel: (770) 432-2744 Fax: (770) 432-9179 Via: Fax and Courier 5 August 1997 US NRC Headquarters Operations Center Document Control Desk Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington DC 20555 Subject: 10 CFR 21.21 Notification. MGP Instruments Inc. Radiation Monitoring System, power supply circuit board is subject to premature electronic component failure Dear Madam or Sir, On 12 June 1997 MGP Instruments Inc. (MGPI Inc.) became aware of a potential safety related defect involving a power supply board installed in a family of local processing units (LPU). These LPUs were delivered for use in a safety related application as part of a radiation monitoring system. Although it has been confirmed that the equipment is not in active service, MGPI wishes to formally notify the commission, and the affected utility, in accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR Part 21. During field maintenance of local processing units (used in a European non-safety related application), MGP Instruments Inc's sister organization (MGPI SA) advised that some of the power supply boards were found to have an electronic component failure. No such failure had been observed by MGP Instruments Inc. applications, within the US, prior to the information received. 28 LPUs of a similar design, which contain the power supply circuit board, with the suspect component, were qualified for use in a safety related application and delivered to Southern California Edison for use at their San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station. MGP Instruments Inc. has completed a technical review and concluded that the diode VD-9 (model 1N4148), installed on the MGPI proprietary power supply boards (part nos. RMS-9077-SR and RMS-9068-SR), is susceptible to failure during equipment start-up. This failure is due to the insufficient rating of the diode under transient conditions (non- repetitive peak forward current). Failure of diode VD-9 will result in a loss current passing through the coil of electronic relay K1. Following diode failure, the relay will not be energized, and the battery required for the processor's, memory back up will not be charged. Accordingly, following eventual battery discharge, the LPU may be unable to re-start with correct operational parameters. The safety related application of this device is limited to its installation in the 28 units at Southern California Edison's San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (serial number listing indicated in attachment A). A recent inquiry to the utility indicated that the affected equipment has not been commissioned and is not yet in service, (see attachment B). The diode will be replaced with an appropriate component, by MGPI's qualified technicians, in accordance with documented procedures, prior to the commissioning of the equipment. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Page: 2 MGP Instruments Inc. is providing the following in accordance with 10 CFR 21.21 (c) (4). Initial notification of this matter will be provided by facsimile of this letter to the NRC Operations Center in accordance with 10 CFR 21.21 (c) (3) within two (2) days of the date the responsible officer signs this letter. I. Kenneth F. Rosanski, Senior Vice President MGP Instruments Inc., 5000 Highlands Parkway, Suite 150 Smyrna Georgia, 30082 is the responsible officer notifying the Nuclear Regulatory Commission under the provision of 10 CFR Part 21. II. The basic component involved in this condition are the Local Processing Units (LPUs) bearing the MGP Instruments Inc. part numbers RMS-9040-SR, RMS-9041-SR, RMS-9042-SR and RMS-9086-SR. III. The local Processing Units indicated in (II) above have been manufactured by MGP Instruments Inc., Smyrna Georgia. The units were qualified for safety related applications. IV. The Southern California Edison Procurement Specification SO123- 060-12 (rev. 2 January 16 1995) requires that the processors "Sense the loss of power and conduct an orderly shutdown..." and "Upon restoration of power, restart immediately and automatically and function in accordance with the requirements of [the specification]." Specification references &2 Page A-56). Failure of the diode VD-9, located on the local processing units power supply board, will result in the processor's battery back-up battery not being charged, preventing orderly processor shutdown and re-start with correct operating parameters. V. The possibility of the diode failure was identified as potentially reportable under the provisions of 10 CFR 21 on 12 June 1997. A technical review, completed on 5 August 1997 and confirmed that there was a potential for safety impact. VI. Southern California Edison, San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station has 28 safety related local processing units. At this time none of the units have been found to have the failure mode described in (IV) above. Additionally, MGP instruments Inc. has been advised that the safety related processors are not presently in service. Safety related processing units affected include those listed in attachment A of this notification. VII. MGP Instruments Inc. will take the following corrective action: The diode VD-9 on LPU power supply boards (part numbers RMS-9077-SR and RMS-9068-SR) will be replaced with a diode (model 1N4004) which will withstand the non-repetitive peak forward current which could occur during startup. VIII. MGP Instruments Inc. recommends that Southern California Edison not put the affected units in service until the power supply boards are reworked, by MGP Instruments. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Page: 3 Additional information about this issue may be obtained by contacting the undersigned or Mr. David Jarrow MGP Instruments Inc. Quality Assurance Manager at (770) 432-2744, extension 119. Sincerely Yours: Kenneth F. Rosanski Senior Vice President KFR/dj Attachments: Attachment A: Equipment Serial Number and Location Listing Attachment B: e-mail from Southern California Edison Dated 4 August 1997 cc: Southern California Edison - Mr. Ken Slagle, Manager Nuclear Oversight Division. Southern California Edison - Mr. Ray Baker, Project Manager, RMS MGP Instruments SA, Lamanon France: X. Duquesne, F. Chlosta, B. Morel, C. Picard, A. Pommier, P. Stolpe MGP Instruments Inc. Atlanta: Mr. David Jarrow, Mr. Mike Edelmen, Mr. Sergio Lopez Nuclear Regulatory Commission Page:4 Attachment A SCE San Onofre Safety Related LPU Serial Number Listing P.O. Unit Type P/N Quan. S/N SCE Location 6V2D3002 LPU/PIPS/NG RMS-9040-SR 4 960203 3re7822 960205 2rc7822 960206 2re7823 960208 3re7823 LPU/PIPS/P RMS-9041-SR 4 960203 3re7804 960204 3re7807 960205 2re7804 960207 2re7807 LPU/SAS RMS-9042-SR 6 960102 3re7808 960206 2/3re7825 960208 3re7804 960217 2re7804 960218 2/3re7824 960220 2re7807 LPU/IO RMS-9086-SR 8 960101 2ryj7865 960202 3ryj7870 960204 2rjy7874 960205 3rjy7874 960206 3rjy7865 960207 3rjy7820 960208 2rjy7870 960209 2rjy7820 6E256015 LPU/PIPS/NG RMS-9040-SR 2 960202 SCE Warehouse (Spares) 960204 SCE Warehouse LPU/PIPS/P RMS-9041-SR 2 960202 SCE Warehouse 960206 SCE Warehouse LPU/SAS RMS-9042-SR 2 960205 SCE Warehouse 960210 SCE Warehouse Mike Edelman From: RAY BAKER To: NUC.CURRANJM at WEST7 NUC.PHILLICA at WEST7 Cc: medelman Subject LETTER TO MGPI ON RMS EQUIPMENT STATUS Date: Monday, August 04, 1997 12:44 PM Carolyn==Please type this letter on Edison International letter head. You also need to finish the salutation stuff by adding Jariath's name, return address etc. tks, ray b. 8/4 August 4, 1997 Dr. Mike Edelman MGP Instruments Suite 150 5000 Highlands Parkway Smyrna, GA 30082 Subject: Status of RMS Equipment Dear Mike Edelman, This letter confirms a telephone conversation you had recently with Ray Baker, RMS Project Coordinator regarding the status of the RMS Equipment. None of this equipment has been made operational as of this date. J. M. CURRAN RMS Project Manager Page 1 GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 32725 LICENSEE: MGP INSTRUMENTS, INC. NOTIFICATION DATE: 08/05/97 CITY: SMYRNA REGION: 2 NOTIFICATION TIME: 14:57 (ET] COUNTY: FULTON STATE: GA EVENT DATE: 06/12/97 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: Y EVENT TIME: 00:00 [EDT] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 08/05/97 NOTIFICATIONS PHIL HARRELL, REG 4 RDO JOHN GREEVES, NMSS EO NRC NOTIFIED BY: KENNETH ROSANSKI KEVIN RAMSEY, NMSS IMOB HQ QPS OFFICER: LEIGH TROCINE VERN HODGE, NRR RVIB CHRIS CHRISTENSEN R2DO EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE AL CHAFFEE, NRR EO 10 CFR SECTION: CDEG 21.21(c)(3)(i) DEFECTS/NONCOMPLIANCE EVENT TEXT 10 CFR PART 21 NOTIFICATION REGARDING THE DISCOVERY THAT A RADIATION MONITORING SYSTEM POWER SUPPLY CIRCUIT BOARD IS SUBJECT TO PREMATURE ELECTRONIC COMPONENT FAILURE MGP INSTRUMENTS, INC., LOCATED IN SMYRNA, GEORGIA, REPORTED A POTENTIAL SAFETY-RELATED DEFECT INVOLVING DIODES IN RADIATION DETECTION MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT WHICH WAS SUPPLIED TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON FOR USE AT SAN ONOFRE. DIODE VD-9 (MODEL #1N4148) WAS INSTALLED ON PROPRIETARY POWER SUPPLY BOARDS, AND THIS DIODE IS SUSCEPTIBLE TO FAILURE DURING EQUIPMENT START-UP. THE FAILURE IS DUE TO THE INSUFFICIENT RATING OF THE DIODE UNDER TRANSIENT CONDITIONS (NON-REPETITIVE PEAK FORWARD CURRENT). FAILURE OF THIS DIODE COULD ULTIMATELY RESULT IN THE INABILITY OF THE LOCAL PROCESSING UNIT TO RESTART WITH CORRECT OPERATING PARAMETERS. THE SAFETY-RELATED APPLICATION OF THIS DEVICE IS LIMITED TO ITS INSTALLATION IN 28 LOCAL PROCESSING UNITS AT SAN ONOFRE. MGP INSTRUMENTS, INC., STATED THAT A RECENT INQUIRY OF THE UTILITY INDICATED THAT THE AFFECTED EQUIPMENT HAD NOT BEEN COMMISSIONED AND IS NOT YET IN SERVICE. PLANS ARE BEING MADE TO REPLACE THE DIODES WITH APPROPRIATE COMPONENTS PRIOR TO THE COMMISSIONING OF THE EQUIPMENT. (REFER TO THE HOO LOG FOR CONTACT NAMES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS.) MGP Fax INSTRUMENTS 5000 Highlands Parkway, Suite 150 Tel: (770) 432-2744 Smyrna, Georgia 30082 USA Fax: (770) 432-3179 Date: 5 August 1997 Pages (including cover): 6 To: Ms. Leigh Trocine -NRC Operations From: David Jarrow MGPI QA Officer cc: Mr. Ken Rosanski - MGP Instruments Inc. Phone: 301-816-5100 Fax: 301-816-5151 Subject: 10 CFR 21 Notification, Event 32725 @ 14:57 PM 5 August 1997, MGP Instruments Inc Radiation Monitoring System, power supply circuit board is subject to premature electronic component failure. Ms. Trocine, Further to our earlier telephone notification (this date), attached please find a copy of our notification letter the original of which is being sent by courier. This faxacsimile notification is being provided in accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR 21.21. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 770-432-2744 X 119 David Jarrow MGP Instruments Inc. Quality Assurance Manager *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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