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                        CRAWFORD FITTING COMPANY

                            SOLON, OHIO 44139

FRED A. LENNON                                    PHONE (216) 248-4600

  CHAIRMAN                                             FAX (216) 349-5970

                              June 10, 1997

Document Control Desk

Office of Reactor Regulation

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Washington, DC 20555

Subject: Defects Potentially Reportable Under 10CFR21


We are writing to inform you about a possible machining defect in certain

stainless steel Swagelok tube fitting bodies.

A list containing the part number and the U.S.  nuclear facilities to

which the parts have been sold is enclosed.  All of these facilities have

already been notified by us about this possible problem.  It is only the

body of the fitting on an SS-1210-7-8 with the heat code HVM that is

involved; the nut or ferrules are not affected.

The possible defect is an oversized bore on the body of the Swagelok tube

fitting.  A machining operation on the bore of this product was allowing

cutting chips to sometimes accumulate on the tool, which caused it to cut

oversized on some of the parts.  The rate of incidence on the parts we

have inspected from these orders is about 0.03%.  Steps have been taken

to remove cutting chips from accumulating on the tool.

We have also increased our sampling inspection size on this product.

A sales drawing for the referenced part number is included with this


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                                   David J. Johnston

                                   Vice President & General Manager


cc:  WRC



Virginia Power                          SS-1210-7-8

Surry Nuclear Station                   (5 pcs.)

P.O. BNT 471726 Rel 150

I.D. R16JP0503B

Virginia Power                          SS-1210-7-8

Surry Station                           (3 pcs.)

P.O. BNT 471726 Rel 364

I.D. R16CC0518B

Virginia Power                          SS-1210-7-8

North ANA                               (1 pcs.)

P.O. BNT 471726 Rel 445

I.D. R16DG0518B

Public Service Electric & Gas           SS-1210-7-8

Hancocks Bridge                         (10 pcs.)

P.O. #824806 Rel. 127

LD.R 162M0503B

Texas Utilities                         SS-1210-7-8

Comanche Peak                           (5 pcs.)

P.O. B01844631 049

I.D. R16JP0503

Georgia Power                           SS-1210-7-8

Plant Hatch                             (4 pcs.)

P.O. 6027139000

I.D. R16DG0518B

North Atlantic Energy Service           SS-1210-7-8

P.O.96909                               (6 pcs.)

I.D. R16CC0518B

New York Power Authority                SS-1210-7-8

Indian Point III                        (10 pcs.)

P.O. B9519120 RLS 020

I.D. R16DG0518B

Pacific Gas & Electric                  SS-1210-7-8

P.O. 089882                             (8 pcs.)

I.D. R16DG0518B

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