Part 21 Report - 1997-470

ACCESSION #: 9706120266 SIEMENS June 9, 1997 HDC:97:051 Document Control Desk ATTN: Chief, Planning, Program and Management Support Branch U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Interim Report of Evaluation of a Deviation Pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21 (a)(2) The following information is provided pursuant to the requirements of 10 CFR 21 to submit an interim report on issues that will not be completed within 60 days of discovery. An interim report is enclosed for the following issue under evaluation by Siemens Power Corporation: "Fraction of Power in Hot Rod for LBLOCA and SBLOCA Voided Core Calculations" If there are any questions regarding this issue, please contact Mr. Rich Gottula at (509) 375-8221 or me. Very truly yours, H. Donald Curet, Manager Product Licensing /smg Enclosure cc: E. Y. Wang (NRR/DRPM/PECB) Siemens Power Corporation Nuclear Division 2101 Horn Rapids Road Tel: (509) 375-8100 Engineering & Manufacturing P.O. Box 130 Fax: (509) 375-8402 Richland, WA 99352-0130 Interim Report Subject: Interim report of evaluation of a deviation pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21(a)(2) Title: Fraction of Power in Hot Rod for LBLOCA and SBLOCA Voided Core Calculations Identification of Basic Activity: 10 CFR 50.46 PWR ECCS Evaluation Model Basic Activity Supplied By: Siemens Power Corporation - Nuclear Division Nature of Deviation: The fraction of the power deposited in the hot rod under voided core conditions may be non-conservative Discovery Date: April 21, 1997 Corrective Actions to Date: Nonconformance report (NCR-6090) prepared and processed by management review team as required by SPC-ND's Quality Assurance Manual, EMF-1. Analyses have been performed which demonstrate that the fraction of power deposited in UO sub 2 fuel rods under voided core conditions is conservative, but the fraction of power deposited in gadolinia bearing fuel rods may be non-conservative. Calculations for gadolinia bearing fuel rods are in progress to verify 10 CFR 50.46(b) criteria are satisfied. This issue is judged not to be a substantial safety hazard. Evaluation Completion Schedule Date: June 27, 1997 *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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