United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

ACCESSION #: 9706110206




May 19, 1997


Washington, DC 20555-0901

Attn: Director, Office of inspection and Enforcement

RE: 10 CFR 21 Notification

Dear Sir,

During an inspection conducted on April 9 through 11, 1997 by your Spent

Fuel Project Office of the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and

Safeguards, what we believe is a reportable deficiency was discovered.

Therefore, we are hereby giving notice of that deficiency as follows:

1.   Name of reporting individual: Mark A. Frazier, QA Manager

2.   Components supplied:     UF6 cylinders SN's 524-1 thru. 80

                              and 5121-1 thru. 52.

3.   Supplier: Amer Industrial Technologies, Inc.

4.   Defect:   WPS listed on the manufacturing route sheets for both sets

               of cylinders failed to show evidence of the impact tests

               required by ANSI N14.1 paragraph 6.10.2.

5.   Date of discovery: April 11, 1997

6.   Location of Items: Korea

7.   Corrective action: WPS in question has been retested in

               accordance with N14.1 paragraph 6.10.2 13 and found


8.   Advise: Cylinders should be released for use.


Mark A. Frazier

Quality Manager

cc:  Tom Matula

     Gary Mcginnis

     Shinku International

     Kolon America

1000 S. MADISON ST.,   WILMINGTON, DELAWARE 19801    TEL (302) 652-3900

                                                     FAX (302) 652-6400


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