United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

ACCESSION #: 9707150343

                         Interim Report (97-008)


Interim report of evaluation of a deviation pursuant to 10 CFR



Inadequate Documentation Associated with 17 x 17 HTC Data Reduction Code


Identification of Basic Activity:

EXEM/PWR ECCS Evaluation Model

Basic Activity Supplied By:

Siemens Power Corporation - Nuclear Division

Nature of Deviation:

During NRC Inspection 99900081/97-01, the V&V of the data reduction codes

used for development of the 17 x 17 HTC correlation was indicated to be

inadequately documented.  Also, the data reduction program was suspected

to be in error.

Discovery Date:

May 13, 1997

Corrective Actions to Date:

Nonconformance report (NCR 6163) was prepared and processed by the

management review team as required by SPC-ND's Quality Assurance Manual,

EMF-1.  Documentation is being prepared and will be submitted to the NRC. 

Evaluation of the data reduction program is complete and no errors in the

code or the correlation were identified.

Evaluation Completion Schedule Date:

September 15, 1997


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