United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

ACCESSION #: 9707150340

                         Interim Report (97-006)


Interim report of evaluation of a deviation pursuant to 10 CFR


Inadequate Confirmation of 17 x 17 HTC Correlation to 15 x 15 Design

Identification of Basic Activity:

EXEM/PWR ECCS Evaluation Model

Basic Activity Supplied By:

Siemens Power Corporation - Nuclear Division

Nature of Deviation:

SPC did not adequately confirm the conservatism of scaling of the HTCs

from 17 x 17 data to 1505 data.  This was a self-discovered item as part

of the LBLOCA assessment arid certain confirmations were performed. 

Also, the NRC concluded during NRC Inspection 99900081/97-01 additional

benchmark work should be performed to validate the scaling methodology.

Discovery Date;

May 13, 1997

Corrective Actions to Date:

Nonconformance report (NCR 6160) was prepared and processed by the

management review team as required by SPC-ND's Quality Assurance Manual,

EMF-1.  Project definition is proceeding and will be documented as part

of a response to the NRC inspection report.

Evaluation Completion Schedule Date:

September 15, 1997


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