Part 21 Report - 1997-406

ACCESSION #: 9707150337 Interim Report (97-005) Subject; Interim report of evaluation of a deviation pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21 (a)(2) Title: Adequacy of Systematically Meeting Generic Design Criteria for ATRIUM-10 Fuel Design Identification of Basic Activity Same as title Basic Activity Supplied By: Siemens Power Corporation - Nuclear Division Nature of Deviation; The NRC did not consider during NRC Inspection 99900081/97-01 SPC to have sufficiently satisfied generic design criteria. Further, issues surrounding the ANFB CHF correlation as applied to ATRIUM-10 provided support to this concern. Specific to this example, the NRC believed that SPC failed to implement all aspects of the methodology including handling of the flow bias nature of the ATRIUM-10 CHF behavior. Discovery Date: May 13, 1997 Corrective Actions to Date: Nonconformance report (NCR 6159) was prepared and processed by the management review team as required by SPC-ND's Quality Assurance Manual, EMF-1. Project definition is proceeding and will be documented as part of a response to the NRC inspection report. Evaluation Completion Schedule Date: See "Corrective Actions to Date" above *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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