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July 29, 1997

Document Control Desk

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Washington, DC 20555

Re:  Update to Lucent Technologies Inc. - Amended Interim Report of the

     Harness/positive Plate Lug Disconnect in List 1SH Round Cell Battery

On May 28, 1997 Lucent Technologies Inc.  ("Lucent") forwarded to the

Nuclear Regulatory Commission an Amended Interim Report of Investigation

on the Harness/Positive, Plate Lug Disconnect on the List 1SH Round Cell

Battery. That Amended Interim Report stated Lucent's intent to

investigate service operating conditions as the probable root cruise of

failure to comply.

On May 15, 1997, the Round Cell Nuclear Utility Users Council discussed

the harness/positive plate lug disconnect on the Lucent List 1SH Round

Cell Battery.  This discussion centered on two comparative calculations. 

First, seismic testing results for 1E certification were compared to the

seismic requirements of the nuclear utilities.  In addition, the specific

weld dimensions found in the evaluated cells from die McGuire Nuclear

Generating Station were compared to weld dimensions likely to be present

in the cells used for 1E certification.  These comparative calculations

resulted in the same conclusion reached subsequently by all of the

nuclear utilities.  Round Cells with the specific weld dimensions of

those evaluated (cells from the McGuire Nuclear Generating Station) meet

seismic requirements for all nuclear utilities and do not present. 

substantial safety hazard.

The Evaluation Report, match addresses Lucent's investigation in more

detail, requires further legal review in accordance with 10 CFR section

2.790.  Lucent is hereby requesting a short extension of 7-10 days in

which to complete this review.  Lucent will submit the Evaluation Report

to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Document Control Center no later

than Thursday, August 7, 1997.  If there are any requests for

clarification, please contact Gus Donnell at (972) 284-3523.


Thomas A. Hughes

Director of Quality

Lucent Technologies Inc. - Dallas Works

Copy to:

Jay Ghosh - Lucent Technologies Inc.

Pamela B. Jackson - Lucent Technologies Inc.

William Mathews - Duke Power

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