Part 21 Report - 1997-261

ACCESSION #: 9704010595 Victoreen, Inc. VICTOREEN Document Control Desk, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555 Subject: Notification of a noncompliance, Model 530 Resistor Network Reference: 10 CFR 21 Section 21.21 Notification to the NRC by fax. (301) 816-5151 NRC Operations Center Date of Notification: March 26, 1997 Individual Notifying Commission: Linda S Nash Corporate Director, Regulatory Affairs and Q.A Bill Zimmerman R&D Engineer Name and address of company notifying the Commission: Victoreen Inc. 6000 Cochran Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44139-3395 (216) 248-9300 Facility Containing the defect: Victoreen Inc. 6000 Cochran Rd. Solon, Ohio 44139 Date on which the condition was identified: April 15, 1996 Nature of the condition: Resistor network can crack, causing portions of it or all of it to become non-functional. Why we think "this component has caused a substantial safety hazard" This device has not caused a substantial safety hazard. 6000 Cochran Road Cleveland, Ohio 44139-3395 (216) 248-9300 FAX (216) 248-9301 DATA (216) 248-9043 Continuation of notification of Model 530 Why we think "this component could cause a substantial safety hazard": Measurements made with a defective instrument may result in radiation exposure readings which are above or below the actual radiation exposure. In the event that the measured readings are below the actual exposure, the actual exposure will be more than the measured exposure. In the event that the readings are above the actual exposure, the actual exposure will be less than the measured exposure. If a faulty instrument is used as a primary calibration standard, all devices calibrated with reference to the faulty device may be in error. If used to calibrate survey meters or personal dosimeters, the users of these devices may be exposed to radiation levels exceeding allowable limits for radiation workers and others. Customers / Utilities Affected: To be determined. 2 *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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