Part 21 Report - 1997-202

ACCESSION #: 9703120094 BETTIS 18703 GH Circle P.O. Box 508 Walter, Texas 77484 Tel: 713/463-5100 Actuators & Controls Fax: 713/463-5103 March 7, 1997 US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Inspection & Enforcement Washington, DC 20555 Attention: Document Control Desk Subject: 10CFR21 Notification This formal notification concerns the potential spring problem concerning part number 015895, used in HD732-SR100, T3XX-SR4, T3XX-SR5. This notification was a result of an isolated (single) warranty repair request from a commercial account. During the evaluation process it was determined the failure was due to a broken spring containing a material defect in a high cycle application for a HD732-SR100 shipped in 1987. The following customer has been notified by Federal Express this date. The corrective action report associated with this notification is CAR #0065. Customer Purchase Order Description Bettis S.O. Serial No. Enertech 00301 NT312-SR4-M3-S 889085A 1-2 The spring supplier was removed from the Bettis Approved Vendor List, inventory has been purged, to verify that all springs (P/N 015895) have been removed. Customers are requested to contact Bettis for additional information or concerning the spring replacement. Cordially, Anthony T. Locascio Manager of Quality Assurance & Safety *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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