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RE:  Follow-up Notification of a potential spring problem in a Bettis

     Actuator.  The Spring is P/N 015895 - installed in Bettis Actuator

     Model NT312-SP4-M3-S, Serial Numbers 1 and 2.  Location is at St.

     Lucie Facility of Florida Power and Light.  The tag numbers and

     system installation is 1-HVC-14-3 A and B.

On March 7, 1997 Bettis Actuators and Controls of Waller, TX, submitted

to the NRC Operations Center a 10CFR Part 21 report.  Whereas in that

report, a potential deviation or non conformance condition exists in a

basic component that is reportable under Part 21 as guidelines.  The

basic component is identified as a Safety Related spring p/n 015895

supplied by Bettis.  Bettis identified Enertech as having one order using

the suspect batch of springs.  Enertech has identified the Bettis order

the springs were installed in applies only to the above  stated

application.  Enertech has informed Florida Power and Light St. Lucie

site in regards to this concern.  Enertech does not believe this

situation is an immediate concern that require emergency actions.

The Bettis notification states this to be isolated repair of one actuator

for a commercial account.  The notification states the above referenced

actuator serial numbers have springs installed that were part of the same

batch from the commercial application that contained a material defect.

The actuator was installed in a high cycle commercial application, where

it cycled approximately (15) fifteen times a day and had been in service

sure approximately 1987.  This conservatively calculates to approximately

34,000 cycles in its life.

Enertech has evaluated the notification by Bettis and available data, and

concluded the following.  These (2) two actuators have a (5) five year or

650 stroke refurbishment cycle per the manufacturers recommendations.

The worst case duty cycle of the St. Lucie actuators would calculate to

approximately 1,300 total cycles, far below the commercial application.

The next scheduled refurbishment cycle is due in 1998.  Due to these

factors, Enertech is recommending Florida Power and Light include in

their next scheduled refurbishment cycle of the two actuators

replacement of the springs as a precautionary measure.  The function of

the actuator is solely based on the ability of the spring to perform its

function on demand.  For this reason Enertech believes it is prudent to

replace the springs at the next refurbishment cycle.

If you have questions of need additional information, Please contact me

at your convenience at Enertech (714) 528-2301 extension 200.


Frank U. Erlack



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