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Northeast           Millstone Offices o Rope Ferry Rd., Waterford, CT

Utilities System

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                    Waterford, CT 06385-0128

                    (203) 447-1791

                                                  JAN 14 1997

                                             Docket No. 50-245




US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Attention: Document Control Desk

Washington, D.C.  20555

          Millstone Nuclear Power Station Unit Nos. 1, 2 and 3

        10 CFR 21 Report Concerning Cracked Fuse Ferrule Defects

                           (NRC Event #31371)

In a letter dated December 13, 1996, Northeast Nuclear Energy Company

(NNECO) transmitted to the NRC a notification of a Substantial Safety

Hazard (SSH) at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station regarding cracked

fuse ferrules.  NNECO has identified an administrative error in

Attachment 1 of the letter which detailed our commitments regarding this

issue.  In section (vii)(b) of the letter NNECO committed that Millstone

Design Engineering Departments would develop a process to check and

replace the cracked fuses delineated in Section (ii)(a) of the report.

In Attachment 1 the referenced section for the fuses we would address was

incorrectly identified as Section (ii)(b).  A corrected copy of the

commitments associated with the letter is provided in Attachment 1.

Should you have any questions regarding this submittal, please contact

Mr. James M. Peschel at (860) 437-5840.

                              Very truly yours,

                              NORTHEAST NUCLEAR ENERGY COMPANY

                              Jay K. Thayer

                              Recovery Officer

                              Engineering and Support Services

OS3422-9 REV. 1-95

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

B16149\Page 2

cc:  H.J. Miller, Region 1 Administrator

     W.D. Travers, Dr., Director Special Projects

     A.C. Cerne, Senior Resident inspector, Millstone Unit No. 3

     J.W. Andersen, NRC Project Manager, Millstone Unit No. 3

                                                  Docket No. 50-245




                              Attachment 1

            Millstone Nuclear Power Station Nos. 1, 2, and 3

                                                       January 1997

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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                     List of Regulatory Commitments

The following table identifies those actions committed to by NNECO in

this document.  Any other actions discussed in the submittal represent

intended or planned actions by NNECO.  They are described to the NRC for

the NRC's information and are not regulatory commitments.  Please notify

the Manager - Nuclear Licensing at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station

Unit No. 3 of any questions regarding this document or any associated

regulatory commitments.

                    Commitment                    Committed Date or


B16030-1  A listing of safety related               May 31, 1997

          distribution fuses affected by

          this issue, and their locations,

          will be prepared.

B16030-2  A plan to check and replace               January 31, 1997

          cracked fuses as delineated in

          Section (ii)(a) will be developed

          for each Millstone Unit.

B16030-3  Issue Purchase Orders for                 January 31, 1997

          replacement fuses

B16030-4  A verification of field storage           January 31, 1997

          locations will be completed to

          determine if fuses have been

          returned to the warehouse.


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