Part 21 Report - 1997-105

ACCESSION #: 9705300011 Solutions for Today...Standards for Tomorrow (714) 528-2301 2950 Birch Street, Brea, CA 92821-6235 FAX (714) 528-0128 ENERTECH April 30, 1997 Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 Subject: Follow-up to ENERTECH March 3,1997 Letter regarding Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation: Non Conformance Report of BW/IP Pressure Switches. On February 20, 1997 Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Nine Mile Point Unit #2, submitted to the NRC Operations Center their sixty (60) day evaluation report. In Nine Miles opinion, a deviation or non conformance condition exists in a basic component that is reportable under Part 21 guidelines. The basic component is identified as a Safety Related Pressure switch supplied by BW/IP that may be any one of five (5) part numbers. Since our first notification, ENERTECH has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to have the Nine Mile Facility provide information required to perform a root cause evaluation. Without this information, ENERTECH is unable to determine specific effected part numbers, failure mechanism, and failure history. All known users of the pressure switches in question have been notified by ENERTECH. An upgrade to a more advanced pressure switch has been suggested to the affected Nuclear Power facilities. No additional action or status on ENERTECH's behalf can occur until Nine Mile Unit 2 provides the requested items for evaluation. If you have questions or need additional information, Please contact Mr. John "Rusty" DeKleine, Director Quality Assurance, or myself at your convenience at ENERTECH (714) 528-2301. Sincerely, ENERTECH John T. DeKleine for Frank U. Eriach President & C.E.O. FUE/ls...08287.2 *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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