United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

ACCESSION #: 9702040150

                             Victoreen, Inc.

Document Control Desk,

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission,

Washington, DC 20555


Subject:       Notification of a noncompliance on a class 1E monitor

               Fixed 960 RDU (2-RM-44B)

Reference:     10 CFR 21 Section 21.21

               Notification to the NRC by fax. (301) 816-5151

               NRC Operations Center

Date of Notification: January 30, 1997

Individual Notifying Commission:

Linda S Nash

Corporate Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Andy Lasko, Reliability Manager

Name and address of company notifying the Commission:

Victoreen Inc.

6000 Cochran Road,

Cleveland, Ohio 44139-3395

(216) 248-9300

Facility Containing the defect:

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Diablo Canyon Power Plant

P.O.  Box 56

Avila Beach, CA 93424

Date on which the condition was identified: January 27, 1997

Nature of the condition:

The digital display in the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

(RDU), for Safety-Related monitor R44B, stopped updating (i.e.  display

was frozen).  This usually indicates the microprocessor was no longer

operating.  If the micro is not operating, and the radiation level

increased above the alarm trip point, the relay contact outputs used to

initiate ESFAS actions would not have changed state as required.  To

confirm the condition), a test input signal, that exceeded the alarm trip

point, was injected into the Local Radiation Processor (LRP).  The alarm

relay at the LRP changed state, but the relay output at the RDU did not,

indicating that an unidentified fail condition exists in the design.

Further information is available in PG&E's Fax dated 1/24/97.

Potential Customer/Utilities Affected:

To be determined.

                              6000 Cochran Road

                              Cleveland, Ohio 44130-3395

                              (216) 248-9300

                              (216) 248-9301

                              (210) 248-9043


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