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                              North Atlantic Energy Service Corporation

                              P.O. Box 300

                              Seabrook, NH 03874

                              (603) 474-9521

                              The Northeast Utilities System

                                   November 27, 1997

                                   Docket No. 50-443


United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Attention      Document Control Desk

Washington, D.C. 20555

                            Seabrook Station

              Supplement to Diesel Generator Special Report

North Atlantic Energy Service Corporation (North Atlantic) has enclosed a

supplement to its October 17, 1996 1_/ Diesel Generator Special Report

which documented diesel generator failures experienced during the period

of September 19 through 22, 1996. The Special Report was filed in

accordance with Technical Specifications and 6.8.2. This

supplement details North Atlantic's actions taken in regard to potential

10 CFR Part 21 issues identified by North Atlantic and associated with

the events described in the October 17, 1996 Special Report. This

supplement is submitted pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21(a)(2), as an interim

report regarding a potential 10 CFR 21 defect.

Should you have any questions regarding this response, please contact Mr.

Anthony M. Callendrello, Licensing Manager, at (603) 474-9521, extension


                              Very truly yours,

                              NORTH ATLANTIC ENERGY SERVICE CORP.

                              W.A. DiProfio

                              Station Director

cc:  H. J. Miller, Regional Administrator

     A. W. De Agazio, Sr. Project Manager

     J. B. Macdonald, NRC Senior Resident Inspector

     Mr. Ted Stevenson

     Coltec Industries

     Fairbanks Morse Engine Div.

     701 White Avenue

     Beloit, WI 53511


1_/  North Atlantic letter NYN-96073, "Diesel Generator Special Report,"

     W. A. DiProfio to Document Control Desk.


                            Seabrook Station

                      Emergency Diesel Generator 1A

This Supplemental Diesel Generator Special Report documents North

Atlantic's actions pertaining to a potential 10 CFR 21 defect. This

supplement is submitted pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21(a)(2) as an interim

report on a potential 10 CFR 21 defect.

North Atlantic identified two specific items that required review to

determine 10 CFR 21 reportability.  The two issues involve replacement

powerpills discussed in the initial October 17, 1996 Special Report and

the operation of the temperature control valve which use the powerpills

to control diesel generator lube oil temperature.  Discussions with

Coltec Industries, the diesel generator manufacturer, resulted in a

decision to transfer responsibility for evaluating these issues to

Coltec.  North Atlantic and Coltec agree that Coltec has the unique

experience and expertise necessary to conclusively determine if a 10 CFR

21 reportable condition exists.

Coltec requested that North Atlantic forward engine operating data, a

chronological sequence of events, the powerpills in question and test

results to Coltec to aid in their evaluation.  Coltec plans on discussing

the powerpill issues with RobertShaw Manufacturing, the manufacturer of

the powerpills.  Coltec will make any 10 CFR 21 required notifications to

the NRC as appropriate.  North Atlantic formally acknowledged transfer of

responsibility for evaluating the following conditions with respect to 10

CFR 21 reportability requirements on November 21, 1996 in North Atlantic

letter CE 96-015:

1.   The powerpills procured from Coltec Industries did not adequately

     allow the lube oil temperature control valve to regulate lube oil

     temperature within it's required operating band.  Subsequent testing

     of the powerpills revealed that they did not meet the minimum

     acceptance criteria for stroke as defined by RobertShaw.

2.   Should the powerpill not reach full extension, the lube oil control

     valve will remain in the heat exchanger bypass position and

     overheating could result.

Submittal of this supplemental report is intended to address 10 CFR 21

interim reporting requirements, per 10 CFR 21.21(a)v(2).  North Atlantic

has requested and expects that Coltec will complete their evaluation and

make the appropriate report to the NRC within sixty (60) days of the date

of this letter.


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