Escalated Enforcement Actions Issued to Materials Licensees - X

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This table includes a collection of significant enforcement actions (referred to as "escalated") that the NRC has issued to materials licensees.

The types of actions and their abbreviations are as follows:

  • Notice of Violation for Severity Level I, II, or III violations (NOV)
  • Notice of Violation and Proposed Imposition of Civil Penalty (NOVCP)
  • Order Imposing Civil Penalty (CPORDER)
  • Order Modifying, Suspending, or Revoking License (ORDER)

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Licensee Name and
NRC Action Number
Action Type
(Severity) &
Civil Penalty
(if any
Date Description
01/25/2017 On January 25, 2017, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to XCEL NDT, LLC, for a Severity Level III problem involving failure to implement 10 CFR 34.43(c) and 34.41(a). Specifically XCEL NDT failed to meet the requirements in 10 CFR 34.43(c) when it permitted an individual to act as a radiographer's assistant on September 22, 2016, and the individual had not developed competence to use, under the personal supervision of the radiographer, the radiographic exposure devices, sealed sources, associated equipment, and radiation survey instruments by successful completing a written test on these subjects and a practical examination on the use of the hardware. The requirements of 10 CFR 34.41(a) were not implemented on the same day, when XCEL NDT performed radiography at a location other than a permanent radiographic installation with a radiographer that was not accompanied by at least one qualified individual who has met the requirements of 10 CFR 34.43(c).
X-Ray Inspection, Inc., TX
09/27/1999 On September 27, 2001, a Notice of Violation was issued for a Severity Level III violation involving the failure to have two qualified individuals present during radiography conducted at a temporary jobsite.
XRI Testing, MI
02/25/1999 Failure of a radiographer to wear an alarming ratemeter.

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