§ 73.73 Requirement for advance notice and protection of export shipments of special nuclear material of low strategic significance.

(a) A licensee authorized to export special nuclear material of low strategic significance shall:

(1) Notify in writing the Director, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response, using any appropriate method listed in ยง 73.4;

(2) Assure that the notification will be received at least 10 days before transport of the shipment commences at the shipper's facility;

(3) Include the following information in the notification:

(i) The name(s), address(es), and telephone number(s) of the shipper, receiver, and carrier(s);

(ii) A physical description of the shipment (the elements, isotopes, form, etc.);

(iii) A listing of the mode(s) of shipment, transfer points, and routes to be used;

(iv) The estimated time and date that shipment will commence and that each country along the route is scheduled to be entered; and

(v) The estimated time and date of arrival of the shipment at the destination;

(4) Assure that during transport outside the United States, the shipment will be protected in accordance with Annex I to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (see appendix E of this part).

b) A licensee who needs to amend a written advance notification required by paragraph (a) of this section may notify the NRC Headquarters Operations Center by telephone at the numbers listed in appendix A to this part.

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