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Subpart A—General Provisions

73.1 Purpose and scope.

73.2 Definitions.

73.3 Interpretations.

73.4 Communications.

73.5 Specific exemptions.

73.6 Exemptions for certain quantities and kinds of special nuclear material.

73.8 Information collection requirements: OMB approval.

Subpart B—Enhanced Weapons, Preemption, and Firearms Background Checks

73.15 Authorization for use of enhanced weapons and preemption of firearms laws.

73.17 Firearms background checks for armed security personnel.

Subpart C—General Performance Objective for Protection of Strategic Special Nuclear Material

73.20 General performance objective and requirements.

Subpart D—Protection of Safeguards Information

73.21 Protection of Safeguards Information: Performance Requirements.

73.22 Protection of Safeguards Information: Specific Requirements

73.23 Protection of Safeguards Information—Modified Handling: Specific Requirements.

Subpart E—Physical Protection Requirements of Special Nuclear Material and Spent Nuclear Fuel in Transit

73.24 Prohibitions.

73.25 Performance capabilities for physical protection of strategic special nuclear material in transit.

73.26 Transportation physical protection systems, subsystems, components, and procedures.

73.27 Notification requirements.

73.28 Security background checks for secure transfer of nuclear materials.

73.35 Requirements for physical protection of irradiated reactor fuel (100 grams or less) in transit

73.37 Requirements for physical protection of irradiated reactor fuel in transit.

73.38 Personnel access authorization requirements for irradiated reactor fuel in transit.

Subpart F—Physical Protection Requirements at Fixed Sites

73.40 Physical protection: General requirements at fixed sites.

73.45 Performance capabilities for fixed site physical protection systems.

73.46 Fixed site physical protection systems, subsystems, components, and procedures.

73.50 Requirements for physical protection of licensed activities.

73.51 Requirements for the physical protection of stored spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.

73.54 Protection of digital computer and communication systems and networks.

73.55 Requirements for physical protection of licensed activities in nuclear power reactors against radiological sabotage.

Subpart G—Access Authorization and Access Control Requirements for the Physical Protection of Special Nuclear Material

73.56 Personnel access authorization requirements for nuclear power plants.

73.57 Requirements for criminal history records checks of individuals granted unescorted access to a nuclear power facility, a non-power reactor, or access to Safeguards Information.

73.58 Safety/security interface requirements for nuclear power reactors.

73.59 Relief from fingerprinting, identification and criminal history records checks and other elements of background checks for designated categories of individuals.

73.60 Additional requirements for physical protection at nonpower reactors.

73.61 Relief from fingerprinting and criminal history records check for designated categories of individuals permitted unescorted access to certain radioactive materials or other property.

73.67 Licensee fixed site and in-transit requirements for the physical protection of special nuclear material of moderate and low strategic significance.

Subpart H—Records and Postings

73.70 Records.

73.71 [RESERVED].

73.72 Requirement for advance notice of shipment of formula quantities of strategic special nuclear material, special nuclear material of moderate strategic significance, or irradiated reactor fuel.

73.73 Requirement for advance notice and protection of export shipments of special nuclear material of low strategic significance.

73.74 Requirement for advance notice and protection of import shipments of nuclear material from countries that are not party to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material.

73.75 Posting.

Subpart I—Enforcement

73.77 Cyber security event notifications.

73.80 Violations.

73.81 Criminal penalties.

Subpart J Through S [Reserved]

Subpart T—Security Notifications, Reports, and Recordkeeping

73.1200 Notification of physical security events.

73.1205 Written follow-up reports of physical security events.

73.1210 Recordkeeping of physical security events.

73.1215 Suspicious activity reports.

Appendix A to Part 73—U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Offices and Classified Mailing Addresses

Appendix B to Part 73—General Criteria for Security Personnel

Appendix C to Part 73—Licensee Safeguards Contingency Plans

Appendix D to Part 73—Physical Protection of Irradiated Reactor Fuel in Transit, Training Program Subject Schedule

Appendix E to Part 73—Levels of Physical Protection To Be Applied in International Transport of Nuclear Material

Appendix F to Part 73—Countries and Organizations That Are Parties to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material

Appendix G to Part 73—[RESERVED]

Appendix H to Part 73—Weapons Qualification Criteria

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Section 73.37(b)(2) also issued under Sec. 301, Public Law 96–295, 94 Stat. 789 (42 U.S.C. 5841 note).

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