Enforcement Manual - Revision 9 - Summary of Changes

Revision 9 was issued September 9, 2013. The main purpose of this revision was to reformat the entire Enforcement Manual for better usability. In addition to the reformat, changes were made throughout the Manual to reflect current enforcement practices, correct editorial errors and to provide clarification where needed.

The following briefly describes some of the more significant changes:


  • Added reference to NRO and associated cROP
  • Replaced OEMail.Resource with RidsOeMailCenter Resource
  • Removed redundant guidance as a result of Manual reformatting

Manual, Part I: Enforcement Process

  • Section 1.2.11, "General Overview of Escalated Enforcement Case Processing: Added flow chart and description of escalated enforcement case processing
  • Section1.2.13.2, "Modified Enforcement Panel": Added guidance related to the modified enforcement panel process
  • Section 2.7,"Orders": Added guidance related to the various types of orders

Manual, Part II: Topical Chapters

  • Section 2.3.3, "Enforcement Actions Involving Failure to Report Arrests": Added specific enforcement guidance related to individuals who fail to report arrest to the licensee or contractor
  • Section 4.1, "Reactors under the Construction Reactor Oversight Process": Added specific enforcement guidance related to reactors under construction and associated construction reactor oversight process (cROP)


  • Appendix B, "Standard Formats for Enforcement Packages": Revised multiple boilerplates to reflect current enforcement practices (see boilerplates with revision date of May and July 2013)

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