Enforcement Manual Change Notice - Number 5

Change Notice Number 5 was issued May 7, 2015 and updated Standard Formats for Enforcement Packages in Appendix B to reflect the addition of the three new Publicly available Security-Related Forms; Form 2(S)(Public), Form 3-II(S)(Public), Form 3-III(S)(Public):

  • Form 2(S)(Public), – "Publicly Available Cover Letter Transmitting Inspection Report for Severity Level IV Notices of Violation, Notices of Violation associated with green SDP findings, and/or Non-Cited Violations containing Safeguards or Security-Related Information" dated April 2015.
  • Form 3-II(S)(Public), – "Publicly Available Cover Letter Transmitting Preliminary Security-Related Greater than Green Finding or Apparent Violation(s)," dated April 2015.
  • Form 3-III(S)(Public), "Publicly Available Cover Letter Transmitting Security-Related Final Greater than Green or Escalated Enforcement Finding (and Notice of Violation, if applicable)," dated April 2015

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