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Enforcement Manual Change Notice - Number 5

Change Notice 5 was issued on February 17, 2012, and addressed the following issues in the order that they appear in the Enforcement Manual:

Introduction and Overview, "Enforcement:" Revised language related to minor violations and corrective action(s) to address the violation. Specifically, revised the sentence, "Nevertheless, the root cause(s) of minor violations must be identified and appropriate corrective action(s) must be taken to correct the violation."

Throughout Enforcement Manual: Added "FSME" and "NRO" to list of other program office requirements/considerations.

Section 2.10.F, "Minor Violations:" Revised to reflect current title and content of IMC 0612 and Appendix B.

Section 2.12.1.E, "Participating in Panels:" Added language related to One-Week Look Ahead notices.

Section 3.2.1, "Preparing a Non-Escalated NOV Action:" Updated IMC number.

Section 3.3.B, "Notice of Deviation:" Updated timeliness goals.

Section 4.1.1.E, "Applicability:" Deleted NOTE. Section included redundant language from Section 2.12.3.A.5.

Section 4.7.3.E, "Licensee Notification & Distribution of Imposition Orders:" Included ADR confirmatory orders.

Section 4.8.4.E, "Licensee Notification & Distribution of Orders:" Included ADR confirmatory orders.

Section 6.4.1.A.1, "Roles and Responsibilities:" Added kickoff meeting information.

Section 6.4.1.B.2.a, "Roles and Responsibilities:" Clarified OE roles related to wrongdoing cases.

Section 6.4.1.B.2.d, "Roles and Responsibilities:" Added kickoff meeting information.

Section, "Receipt and Initial Screening:" Added details related to kickoff meeting.

Section 6.4.6 NOTE, "Post-Investigation Alternative Dispute Resolution:" Reference to NUREG/BR-0313.

Section 6.4.6.G, "Post-Investigation Alternative Dispute Resolution:" Reference to EGM-11-005.

Section, "ADR Roles and Responsibilities:" Added guidance on selection of ADR mediation lead negotiator.

Section, "ADR Process:" Guidance on drafting agreements in principle and confirmatory orders.

Section 7.3.E.7, "Enforcement of 10 CFR 50.59 and Related FSAR:" Updated effective date of 10 CFR 50.59.

Section 7.5.C.3, "Citations Against 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B:" Revised citation example to more accurately address violation.

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