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Radioactive Effluent and Environmental Reports for Yankee Atomic Electric Company


This licensee has permanently ceased power operations. Their Effluent Reports and Environmental Reports are no longer being added to this Web page, but are available in ADAMS.

The "Groundwater Questionnaire" describes the state of the groundwater protection program, as of the time the questionnaire was submitted (generally 2007, unless otherwise stated).

The "Effluent Report" lists the quantities of radionuclides released from the site in liquid and gaseous effluents for the calendar year. This report is actually the "Annual Radioactive Effluent Release Report" submitted as required by Federal regulations (10 CFR 50.36a).

The "Environmental Report" lists the measurements of radioactive materials found in the environment surrounding the power plant. This report is actually the "Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Report" submitted as required by Federal regulations.

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