Pre-Application Documents for the SMR-160 Design

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) considers public involvement in, and information about, our activities to be a cornerstone of strong, fair regulation of the nuclear industry. As such, the NRC believes that nuclear regulation should be transacted as openly and candidly as possible to maintain and enhance the public's confidence. Ensuring appropriate openness explicitly recognizes that the public must be informed about, and have a reasonable opportunity to participate meaningfully in, the NRC's regulatory processes. Toward that end, this page provides access to documents and correspondences related to the pre-application activities with SMR, LLC, a Holtec International Company, regarding their SMR-160 design.

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Topical Reports for the SMR-160 (Holtec) Design

The following table provides access to topical reports that Holtec has submitted for NRC staff review and approval:

Submittal Date Title Topical Report Submittal ADAMS Accession No. Staff Final Safety Evaluation Report ADAMS Accession No.
06/04/14 HI-2135649-NP, Quality Assurance Program ML14156A384 ML14174B150
03/04/21 HI-2201064, Rev. 2, "Elimination of the Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) and Establishment of LOCA Acceptance Criteria" ML21064A037 In Progress -TBD

During the review of the licensee topical reports (LTR), the NRC staff may issue requests for additional information (RAIs) that are needed to determine the acceptability of methods and approaches described in each LTR. The applicant's responses to RAIs may result in revisions to an LTR and the issuance of an LTR supplement that incorporates all changes. Only the latest revision of the LTR is listed above.

Additional information can be obtained from ADAMS using a search by docket number 99902049-Holtec Inherently Safe Modular (HI-SMUR) (Marlton, NJ)

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The following table provides access to letters and other pre-application correspondence between SMR Inventec, LLC, a Holtec International Company, and NRC regarding the SMR-160 design.

Date Description
11/10/20 SMR, LLC, Submittal of Voluntary Response to NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2020-02
05/07/15 SMR Inventec, LLC Establishment of a Safeguards Information (SGI) Program and Request for SGI Use and Storage Approval
01/30/14 Voluntary Response to Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) 2013-18 (Non-Proprietary)
03/20/13 Voluntary Response to Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) 2012-12 (Non-Proprietary)

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