Past Non-Light Water Reactor Activities and Pre-application Safety Evaluation Reports

In the past, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and its predecessor, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), performed reviews of advanced non-Light Water Reactor (non-LWR) designs using the regulations applicable at the time. The table below includes several of the pre-application Safety Evaluation Reports (SERs), along with other NRC documents pertinent to advanced non-LWR technologies. In addition, prelicensing interactions regarding the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) began in 2006 and were suspended in 2013.

Date Title
November 2020 EPRI Topical Report on Uranium Oxycarbide (UCO) Tristructural Isotropic (TRISO) Coated Particle Fuel Performance
July 2014 Next Generation Nuclear Plant - Assessment of Key Licensing Issues
April 2014 NUREG/KM-0007, NRC Program on Knowledge Management for Liquid-Metal-Cooled Reactors
August 2012 Report to Congress on Advanced Reactor Licensing
March 2008 NUREG/CR-6944, Next Generation Nuclear Plant Phenomena Identification and Ranking Tables (PIRTs)
December 2007 NUREG-1860, Feasibility Study for a Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Regulatory Structure for Future Plant Licensing - Main Report
December 2007 NUREG-1860 Appendices, Feasibility Study for a Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Regulatory Structure for Future Plant Licensing - Appendices
October 2004 Pre-application Safety Assessment Report Related to the Advanced CANDU Reactor 700 Mwe
July 2004 NUREG/CR-6844, TRISO-Coated Particle Fuel Phenomenon Identification and Ranking Tables (PIRTs) for Fission Product Transport Due to Manufacturing, Operations, and Accidents
June 2002 Request for Additional Information on Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) Nuclear Fuel; Fuel Fabrication Quality Control Measures and Performance Monitoring Plans and; PBMR Fuel Qualification Test Program
February 1994 NUREG-1368, Pre-application Safety Evaluation Report for the Power Reactor Innovative Small Module (PRISM) Liquid-Metal Reactor
April 1993 SECY 93-092, Issues Pertaining to the Advanced Reactor (PRISM, MHTGR, & PIUS) and CANDU3 Designs and their Relationship to Current Regulatory Requirements
December 1991 NUREG-1369, Pre-application Safety Evaluation Report for the Sodium Advanced Fast Reactor (SAFR) Liquid Metal Reactor
March 1989 NUREG-1338, Draft Pre-application Safety Evaluation Report for the Modular High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
May 1988 NUREG-1226, Development and Utilization of the NRC Policy Statement on the Regulation of Advanced Nuclear Power Plants
March 1983 NUREG-0968, Safety Evaluation Report Related to the Construction of the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant
October 1961 Report from AEC Division of Licensing and Regulation to Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards on Peach Bottom Atom Power Station