Navigating Rulemaking-Related Documents

The NRC began managing rulemaking-related actions on the Government-wide Web site in January 2008. The public can submit comments on NRC rulemaking actions through that site, as follows:

  • Search for NRC Rules Available for Comment:
    • From the home page, select the Advanced Search option in the Search box.
    • To see NRC rules available for comment, at the minimum, select the "Open for Comment" box, select "NRC" from the drop down menu in the "By Agency" section, and select "Rulemaking" in the "By Docket Type" section.

  • Search for a Specific Rule or Action:
  • Depending on how much you know about the rule, try the following search techniques:
    • If you know the Docket ID for the rule or action, enter it into the “Search” box and select Search.
    • If you don’t know the Docket ID, enter a title or keyword in the “Search” box and select Search. Then narrow the search results by entering NRC in the “Agency” box.
    See also Rulemaking Dockets or Petition for Rulemaking Dockets.
  • Submit a Comment:
  • You can comment on a document directly from the "Search Results" page (after performing a search described above), by selecting "Comment Now" for the document of interest; or you can select the "Open Docket Folder" link and submit your comment from the docket.
  • Get Email Updates:
  • The Web site allows users to receive notifications when documents are added to a docket. You must register for notifications for every docket you’re interested in. To do so, perform a search for the desired action (as described above). On the search results page, open the docket folder of the action of interest. Once inside the docket, select the “Sign up for E-mail Alerts” link near the top of the page. Fill in the registration form, and select Subscribe to complete the registration process.
  • Related Dockets on
  • Sometimes multiple NRC dockets may be related to each other. To determine if a relationship exists between multiple dockets, once inside any NRC docket on, expand the docket details by selecting "View More Docket Details" located below the Docket Folder Summary.
  • Additional Suggestions:
  • Select the “FAQs” tab at the top of the home page to display a list of helpful topics. Detailed directions on how to use, along with a list of FAQs and glossary, are available at the top of any page by selecting "Help."

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