Albert Tardiff

Albert N. Tardiff 's experience with the U.S. NRC spans 22 years, onboarding with the agency in 2000. He is the Senior Security Specialist in the NRC Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response, Division of Physical and Cyber Security Policy, responsible for policy and technical guidance document development for physical protection systems. Mr. Tardiff's background includes eight years with the U.S. Army Chemical Research Development Engineering Center, where he was responsible for several patent and invention registrations related to gas mask improvements. He then joined the U.S. Department of Energy and spent two years with the Office of Environmental Management developing radiography and waste process monitors.   He next spent two years with the DOE Office of Security Affairs managing state-of-the-art programs in material control and accounting. Mr. Tardiff completed his DOE career by working four years at the DOE Rocky Flats Field Office as the site security systems engineer, responsible to oversee all physical protection devices.

Mr. Tardiff holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Technology Management, both from the University of Maryland.

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