Scot Greenlee

Scot started his nuclear career in 1984 as an officer in the United States (U.S.) Nuclear Navy. He spent seven years in the Nuclear Navy, including a tour on a nuclear submarine and a tour at a Navy nuclear prototype facility. Following a successful Navy career, Scot spent four years as an inspector in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). His NRC experience included two years as a Resident Inspector at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Station. Scot’s nuclear utility experience started in 1995 as the Operations Staff Superintendent at the Salem Nuclear Generating Station. After leaving Salem in 1997, before coming to Exelon, Scot held engineering leadership positions at three nuclear utilities, including two rotations as a Site Engineering Director. Scot joined Exelon in 2007 as a Corporate Engineering Director. He was subsequently assigned as the Byron Site Engineering Director before being promoted to the position of Vice President of Engineering in May of 2011 and Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technical Services in July of 2013.

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