Kevin Rouwenhorst

Kevin Rouwenhorst graduated cum laude and with honours from University of Twente (The Netherlands) in 2016 with a MSc degree in Chemical & Process Engineering.

He continued research at the University of Twente with a PhD project on ‘Plasma-catalytic ammonia synthesis’. During his PhD research, he presented his work on various ammonia energy conferences and plasma chemistry conferences. He has published various research articles, an encyclopaedia article, book chapters, and filed for a patent. Furthermore, he is an author of an upcoming report of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) on ‘Production, market status and future prospects of Renewable Ammonia’.

During the final year of his PhD research, he works part-time as Innovation Engineer at Proton Ventures and as Technology. Manager at the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA), with the aim to accelerate the responsible use of low carbon ammonia as a zero carbon fuel and hydrogen carrier.

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