Dennis Henneke

Dennis is a Consulting Engineer in GEH Nuclear Energy, with over 39 years of PRA experience. He is the technical lead for the PRAs supporting the BWRX-300, VTR, and Natrium Reactors, was the Principal Investigator for the DOE Funded project for the PRISM reactor on “Development/Modernization of an Advanced Non-LWR Probabilistic Risk Assessment,” and was the Technical Lead for the UK ABWR PRA development completed in 2018. He is currently, supporting the industry initiative for Technical Inclusive Content of Application (TICAP) and supported the pilot application for both TICAP and the Licensing Modernization Project (LMP). Dennis has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications, including the recently issued IAEA Safety Report on Multi-unit PRA.

Dennis is the ANS-Chairman of the ANS/ASME Joint Committee on Nuclear Risk Management (JCNRM), and has supported PRA standard development since 1999. Prior to coming to GEH, Dennis worked at Duke Power, Southern California Edison and Scientech-NUS supporting Risk-Informed Applications such as Risk-Informed Technical Specifications and NFPA-805. Dennis has supported PRAs for more than 35 plants around with world. Dennis received his MS and BS in Nuclear Engineering from University of Florida.

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