William Kendall (Ken) Evans

Ken Evans has over 40 years in Emergency Planning and is currently the Supervisor of Radiological Emergency Assessment Center (REAC) in the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Ken is responsible for coordinating scenario development for the offsite organizations by working closely with the nuclear utility. Ken is also responsible for the technical assessment tools that IEMA uses for radiological assessment and also is responsible for providing training to the Radiological Task Force at IEMA. Ken has been involved with the CRCPD HS/ER-5 Committee on Emergency Response Planning since 2009 and became chair of the committee in 2013. Prior to joining Illinois Emergency Management Agency in 2002 Ken was employed by the Clinton Power Station for 18 years with responsibilities in all areas of onsite Emergency Planning including scenario development, training and dose modeling, and implementation of the Severe Accident Management Guidelines. Ken started his career as a Health Physicist for the Arkansas Department of Health and moved to the Tennessee Valley Authority one year after TMI to help develop their Emergency Plans.

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