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Understanding and Using the NRC’s Differing Views Program

Office of Enforcement

The NRC strives to establish and maintain an environment that encourages all NRC employees and contractors to raise concerns and differing views promptly without fear of reprisal through various mechanisms. These mechanisms include informal discussion, the Open Door Policy, the non-concurrence process (NCP), and the differing professional opinion (DPO) program (NCP and DPO are managed by the Office Enforcement). The free and open exchange of views or ideas concluded in a respectful environment provides the ideal forum where concerns and alternative views can be considered and addressed in an efficient and effective manner that improves decision-making and supports the agency’s safety and security mission. This presentation highlights the goals and procedures for the NCP and DPO program, including recent improvements made based on stakeholder feedback. Resources for additional information are provided, along with an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with the differing views program managers.

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